Stay calm

Your future has been forewarned at dinner....
No choice, so follow this sound advice
bare your bottom and await your spanking
and if Cindy is about to spank me, she very enjoys it as much as this lady does
so, bottoms up
 every coaches dream....


  1. These are great! I love "i before e".

    Actually as someone who likes to poke fun at certain captioned images, the ones you have posted have been really on point the last couple of weeks.... and really made me snicker. Thanks for the humor injection!

  2. Love the last cartoon, Red...too funny. :)

    Hugs and blessings...Cat

  3. Very often in this house, when I'm told I'll get a spanking and to get ready for it. I strip and get the implements out go to where I'm told the spanking will take place and get into position and wait for R to come and spank me. Waiting and thinking of what is going to happen I get very submissive and some butterflies.

  4. kdpierre: i before e is very inventive

    Cat: smiles to you

    archedone: being told I will be spanked makes me very submissive, and having to wait increases the submissiveness.
    bottoms up


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