on the road again

Well, here we go again
On the road again by Willie Nelson...

Travels will take us to Europe, and we will be gone for a month. Airbnb is our normal choice of inexpensive accomodations, and a rental car lets us go to places as the mood strikes. However, I have made an agenda for each day, with every reservation made, but what we do on a day can change according to our moods  A great price on a  transatlantic cruise is the starting point, so hope the neighbors don't hear too many spankings..

I have left a number of posts,so for those who drop by often, their will be some to hopefully amuse you.
Bon Voyage....
bottoms up (cheeky photos0

Cindy and Red


Anonymous said...

Enjoy your trip and may Cindy keep your bottom the proper color. Just had a spanking this morning then got a good pegging before I enjoyed the pleasure of giving her oral sex. Great day for us.

Cat said...

Hey Red...wishing you and Cindy and fun and safe holiday...I do love cruising. Thanks for sharing the cute giggles. :)

Hugs and blessings...Cat

Red said...

archedone: sounds delightful
Cat: we did have a great holiday.
bottoms up