Some people are shy about posting pictures of their spanked bottom, and others are quite proud of being spanked by a loved one.
I am not shy of showing my bare red spanked bottom, but the above photo is of a much younger different person than I.
Some spanked women who blog are shy to posting a photo of their bare spanked bottom, and they might wonder how they look when bending over awaiting a spanking. Here is a solution for them to help to decide.
A sad fact of life... Almost all women think their bottom is too big, and Cindy is one of them, i believe Cindy's bottom is not large, and most men do not think their wife's bottom is too large... self confidence???
Artists have used pictures giving a very erotic view
and here is a fun idea for mirrors... We have done this in the past in a hotel room, but do NOT have nay mirrors suitably placed for using one at home.

have fun with your spankings.. (at least some part of it)

bottoms up


sub hub in phx said...

If it were up to me, I'd post a picture of my freshly reddened bottom each time. It would be boring, yes, but .....

Baxter said...

How many of us go to the bathroom to see what our bottom looks like after a spanking? I thought I was being sureptitious about it but my wife once said she knew what I was doing. Geez.

Anonymous said...

We haven't done it for awhile but R used to take pictures of my spanked bottom so I can see it. I have also been spanked in front of a mirror so I can see the spanks landing, at least when my eyes are not squeezed shut. Very erotic.

Red said...

sub hub; mine probably are also,but such is life..
Baxter: I think most if not almost all people look at the end product of a spanking

archedone: photos are fun, for comparison purposes. Watching spanks land does not last long for me either
bottoms up