lead and he will follow

If men were not meant to be lead, then why is such a convenient handle put on their bodies...
I specially like the dominant submissive photos, where the man is naked, and the woman is clothed... This could be straight out of the shower to be lead to his spanking!
I think I should spank you outdoors today1
come along dear, time for your spanking....

Sad, is it not, that this is going to shrivel while you are being spanked! If only you had behaved better!
So, now, explain to me why i have to spank you?
 bottoms up
Any captions you would like to add for any photo?

bottoms up


Joe said...

Great pictures as always, epically like 3 and 4. Thanks Red

Anonymous said...

Very good pictures of a woman leading and a man following. How do you not follow when she has a good grip on your handle.

Red said...

Joe: you are welcome
archedone; very, very true... whatever follows has to be fun (eventually)
bottoms up

Anonymous said...

The first time this happened to me, I had just started dating and walking into the kitchen, naked, erect, my girlfriend smiled and said nice. She took hold of my erection and squeezed it a little tight and took me to the bedroom. You will not to that again she said and soon I was being led back to the kitchen, limp, my bottom properly spanked and still being spanked to face the wall. Future spankings have followed and being erect I try not to be, but if erect I must masturbate, the spankings really hurt more afterwards. Mark