Do the neighbors know/?

This is something that many people wonder, when indulging in spanking at home.

Your wife might be saying this, while spanking you with the window open..."I no longer care if the neighbors hear. They hear your boorish behavior with the windows open, so now they will hear you being spanked and scolded for this behavior."

Here is an idea that sounds marvelous, if you have misbehaved outdoors where everyone heard your rudeness
If you live with see through windows in the doors, whether front or the back of the house, beware misbehaving there, as your spanking might be an on the spot affair.

Our houses are blessed with many windows
and as summer approaches, those windows somewhere in thehouse are open
 So many ways for your neighbors to see or hear you being spanked, but if you were rude to a neighbor, maybe they will be invited to watch and hear your apology.
inspecting your spanked bottom in front of a window, naked from the waist down, is certainly a good hint.
I wonder who knows I am spanked.
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kdpierre said...

LOL! Mine definitely know! They have even seen my spanked behind after a punishment on a couple of occasions......and on two separate occasions, the female half of our neighbor couple, (I call her "Marta" for online reference purposes) has even been the one to decree the amount and severity of spanks I was to receive for misbehavior. So far she herself has not delivered any spanks herself......but Rosa has assured her she would be allowed to if she ever wished to. This sounds like I'm making this up......but I'm not! (lucky me) All the best!

Anonymous said...

Really depends on time of day, in the morning yes, normally spanked in the kitchen, closer to the neighbor, windows to hide nothing. My wife two ladies friends know, never witness, but notice I act different after a spanking. I'm loud so know my spankings are heard. My wife saids it is just part of the punishment.

Dan Mel said...

Oh yes I had a neighbor who knew I was spanked. She heard me getting spanked and asked my wife about it when they were outdoors. My wife told her I was spanked when I was naughty. The neighbor did get to see me spanked a couple of times.

spankedinflorida said...

We had just gotten married and were renting the second floor of a two family house. An old italian couple owned it and lived on the first floor. I often got spanked but left the Tv on or radio. One day I was talking to the landlords wife and she said I better behave or my wife would spank me again. I was so embaressed

ronnie said...

I hope our neighbours don't know. I doubt it if they do.


Red said...

kdpierre: you are a very fortunate man... as am i

anon; your wife's opinion sounds reasonable to me.

Dan: hope the neighbor started spanking her partner when needed.

Spankedinflorida: older people are not disturbed or upset when hearing a spanking.

Ronnie: This would not be the worst thing in the world, and somehow I wish we could broadcast the fact of how much more loving our relationships have become with spanking. The sex afterwards is beyond belief.

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