captioned spanking thoughts for today

Many spanking bloggers who are both women and love being spanked would attest to this being true..
I wish I could convince Cindy of this fact, but in the reverse idea, that good men need to be spanked...  Stress builds if I go a significant time without being spanked.. It is healthy for me to be spanked regularly, not just when I misbehave. Cindy does spank me if I ask, and I am spanked quite frequently, but it would be great for Cindy to simply say that we have been having a delightful time lately, so I am going to spank you as a reward.

If I am spanked for misbehavior, and I do the same thing again, then this is appropriate...
All our spankings are consensual, and NEVER BRUTAL, but some spankings are much more significant than other spankings.
Happy spankings
bottoms up


Anonymous said...

Hello Red,

I did send you a mail about our BDSM-adventure.
Best wishes,

Lindsay and Marco

Anonymous said...

You say that your spankings are never brutal but some are "more significant" than others. How would you define the high water mark with respect to severity?

Cat said...

I agree, Red...sometimes good girls do need to be spanked. ;)

Hugs and blessings...Cat

Anonymous said...

I would love to give R a good spanking but in her words there is only one spanker in this house and it's her. Not complaining I love giving her my bare bottom.

Baxter said...

my wife met me at the door one night with the paddle in her hand and yes it was a great spanking. want more of them because good boys need spankings also

Red said...

Lindsay and Marco; thanks, I will get to it soon..

Anon: brutal would be bruising, or drawing blood, in my opinion, and none have ever been given like this by Cindy. More significant simply means a spanking that is longer in duration (more spanks) and harder (more strength with the implement), and maybe more implements. Ten swats with the long tawse, or twenty five....

cat: if you are into spanking, then good people need to be spanked regularly.

archedone: a very good relationship... and it is important that the spankee agrees that they can be spanked.

Baxter: very true
bottoms up