boys will be boys

Fun photos floating around the Internet

this is a wonderful toy
 The eyes were meant for looking
 The eyes tell the story

However, when you are older, wandering eyes seen by your partner...
 and she will smile while you try to explain what happened
 and very happy to solve the problem
and maybe another spanking at bedtime
followed by an energetic strappping
bottoms up


Anonymous said...

"You have no idea", I heard that from my future wife, she at first enjoyed my playfulness she called it, but I stepped over the line. She waited until we were going to bed, just told me to not bother putting on my pajamas and get over her lap, don't know why but I did. The spanking I got was sound, it hurt, it had me squirming and pleading. I was rubbing it and looking at her, not the last time you will be across my lap she said and I just looked at her and said nothing. A day later I knew I enjoyed the spanking and so I continue to this date, been married three years being a "boy". Mat

Baxter said...

I get to ogle a lot now that I commute into the city and have to walk a mile across the Loop. But looking is harmless. I enjoy my 33 year old marriage.

Red said...

Matt: great. Glad spanking works for both of you, and thus a wonderful way to solve problems, and foreplay.

Baxter: looking keeps us young, and spankings keep us in line
bottoms up