when friends get together

Some captions are quite stimulating, so here is today's collection....
My mind says I would enjoy this situation, undressing to be spanked in front of Cindy's friends

specifically the submissive nature that I would be in...
The thought that Cindy's friends enjoying seeing me being spanked
... oh la la
Maybe less exciting would be if I were spanked in front of my male friends

A few people have written that they have been spanked in front of other people... anyone else willing to share their experience?

bottoms up


Dan Mel said...

I've been spanked in front of my wife's friends several times. She used to pull down my pants and spank me but now she stirips me totally naked and spanks me then makes me stand in the corner naked while they enjoy coffee while watching me stand in the corner. It's very humiliating and yes I have been spanked in front of some male friends.

As far as swearing I get my mouth washed with soap a spanking then an enema and it has happened in front of other people. My wife is very strict and keeps me in line.

Anonymous said...

No one has ever witnessed R spanking me. At times I do wish it would happen just to feel the embarrassment and submission of someone seeing me getting spanked. But as I've said before for me that is just a fantasy.

Red said...

Dan: sometime soon you should learn about swearing. Thanks for sharing
archedone: we should get together sometime, and then R can spank you with us watching.
bottoms up

Anonymous said...

N. (my late wife) was the one who first got the idea of having her closest friends watch her spanking or whipping me - and J., who was one of those, later followed her example, especially with B. (her sister) who, alone, was also invited to "give a hand" - and never fails to do so whenever we get together!