waiting with the tawse

Some people have an affinity for the cane (Ronnie springs to mind), but my Love/Hate relationship is with the tawse.
The LOOK captures your attention, but soon followed by the tawse she is holding
 Your focus moves from her eyes, downwards 9even passing those prominent breasts) to how long the tawse is..
No slippering today
as she awaits your baring of your bottom
Maybe she even flexes it, to show its supple nature
The words follow me, but your eyes only focus on the tawse
and then the command is given to bend over
and the fire within your bottom begins
and you rue the day you purchased this implement
and remember, it works wonders for a woman's bottom also

bottoms up


Anonymous said...

Neither N. nor J. ever used (or owned) a tawse, but both have often used a sturdy leather belt to strap my exposed backside (including that dreaded "Italian bridle" J. acquired four years ago.

Cat said...

When Matthew used to wield his blasted tawse, he sure did set a fire to my tush! Ouch!

Hugs and blessings...Cat

Red said...

L: Time to purchase the long tawse. It would delight J as a birthday present, that will keep on giving.

Cat: Good name for a tawse, and I can think of many others, and it produces far more than an ouch. The ouch is simply stated when you first see it being readied to be used on your bottom
bottoms up

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the suggestion! Between the leather belt and the "Italian bridle", however, strapping L's backside is well taken care of! :-)


Red said...

J: enjoy