the trip

Some days, you just need to have a drive and a hike in the forest to work out some issues in your marriage....
and maybe your wife will bring a friend along to make certain the spanking is effective

but a birching at the beach is always a possibility 

but ladies should remember they also might be spanked
IF people knew that I was spanked many years ago, it would have been a problem, now,not so much of a problem.
Spanking at home or outside, if you misbehave, you deserve to be spanked
and sometimes you deserve to be spanked just for the fun of it,a nd foreplay for fabulous sex
bottoms up


Joe said...

Hi Red welcome back. Hope you had a great trip with lots of spanking and hopefully some outdoors. The thrill of possibly being caught is great. Had a great birthday while you were away. Besides the usual family friends and dinner my wife who I will call T, promised me a good spanking with a spank for every year. I was told to go get ready. So went to our bedroom stripped down, laid out 4 implements and laid face down with pillows under my hips. When she came in after making me wait she smiled and said very good looked down saw 4 implements and declared ok one spank with each for each year. WOW thIs a lot, started with the flogger not serve but stings next the leather slapper with a good sting, now came the hairbrush with a mixture of hard spanks and brushing fresh spanked areas, last came the 12" long paddle hits both cheeks at the same time 60+ of that one after all the others was note worthy. WOW. Best spanking yet, loved and thanked, kissed and hugged her!

Anonymous said...

Love that last one. Hopefully he's just been whipped on his bare behind and is paying her tribute with his tongue!!

Anonymous said...

Had many spankings in the woods. Some times she will bring a wooden spoon in her back pocket or use my belt. And I can always find a good birch for her to use. Hope you and Cindy had a great fun vacation. Love the last picture.

Baxter said...

something about pictures of spankings outdoors is more arousing than inside.

Red said...

Joe: sounds delightful. Glad you both had a wonderful time.
JayJay: that should be mandatory
archedone: spankings outdoors are great. Glad R attends to your bottom often
Baxter; very true
bottoms up

Anonymous said...

Welcome home! I agree with Baxter's comment, and I can't wait until the weather allows us to resume our hikes in the woods!


Red said...

have fun