The cane

Ronnie truly loves it, so any other readers out their who will admit they love being caned (within reasonable bounds)?

You can almost feel the thrill that this woman is having looking forward to using this cane on your bottom
 I however suggest that if it bends this much, RUN! She looks far to eager for you to sit anytime soon.
Her being fully clothed, but you bare below the waist, adds to your submission
 and she will not stop until she is satisfied
Naked, while she is still fully clothed   You can almost hear her saying: Do i have your attention NOW!!!
your caning is far from over, it has just started, but the lecture better have replies of Yes Ma'am1
A cane knows no gender, and works well on a woman's bottom also

Time to WORRY!!!!
bottoms up


Cat said...

Never received a caning and don't want one...looks pure D painful. :)

Hugs and blessings...Cat

Anonymous said...

I love my cane. It is the little 18 inch ever ready from Cane-iac. Last Sunday I got 120 (6 x sets of 20) with little rest in between sets (I normally allow for butt rubbing etc.), but this time decided to for go that and ask for the next set straight away, my call as always, and it left me breathless with tears in my eyes and full of adrenalin and endorphins and craving the smack stick, another Cane-iac product. 4 sets of 20 with that plus some sensational love making with my spanker, best friend and wonderful wife left us quite pleasantly satisfied.

Happy Spankings as always


Joe said...

Have yet to be caned but would love to have one of these ladies introduce me to the cane.

ronnie said...

I do have a fondness for the cane. Thanks for the mention.


Red said...

Cat: it all depends on the whippy nature and strength of the cane stroke. Always good to try something ONCE, with a gentle partner.
Yorkie: glad for everyone to know it is consensual, and that both of you had a grat time

Joe: I would tend to want a more gentle approach for the first time

Ronnie: my pleasure
bottoms up

Anonymous said...

It has been a while since I used the cane on L's derrière, but this post inspires me to do so next time he needs to be reminded that I must be obeyed w/out any questions!