On the Road again

As per usual, I have left some posts scheduled for while we are away, but no comments will be visible until I approve the comments when we get home. (in about two weeks or so)

Life is an adventure, and we are maximizing adventure while young enough and healthy enough to do this.

This time it will be hiking as our main endeavor! No beaches will be insight, which is unfortunate.
Just wondering but how does this woman get the top part of her bottom red???? It was redder in real life than in the picture

Happy trails to you, until, we meet, again
bottoms up


Cat said...

Hey Red...in the first picture, I would say she sunburned her bum or received a barn burner. I've felt like the second picture at times and the third is just too funny. :) Have a lovely holiday, even if you don't get to see views from the beach. LOL

Hug and blessings...Cat

kdpierre said...

My guess.....in answer to your first question about the red-bottomed lady.....is that she has another swimsuit that is cut lower that she wears more often. As a result only her lower bottom usually sees sun. When wearing the higher-cut suit, she obviously exposed the virgin territory and got sunburned there. (I'd bet serious money that is what caused the color.)

All the best!---KDP

Anonymous said...

Have a lovely time mate!


Njspank said...


Red said...

Cat: thanks for the kind wishes
kdpierre: probably true, but I would rather imagine she was spanked
Yorkie, Ron: we did, thanks
bottoms up