Nostalgia: old photos

I can almost imagine being enthralled looking at these photos in my youth..(I remember looking at similar photos)
did it help start my fetish with spanking
or just enhanced my love for (beautiful) women
This must have started my bottom fetish
The thought of her undressing
Slowly removing their stockings
my bottom fetish (the only naked part you see)

Staring but being caught looking
 Ooh La La
and the ultimate reveal shot
sorry to disappoint, but in my youth, you never saw those photos
These were the photos I saw of Bettie
Wish I had seen these type

 here are some great nostalgia photos of Bettie Paige

 whereas now at the beach you can enjoy so many lovely sights
specially in Aruba
bottoms up


Njspank said...


kdpierre said...

I recognize that first Mistress from the early 80's but can't remember her name!

And kudos on the rear shot of Betty Page. I love her curvy bottom and there are proportionally fewer images of her from behind than from other angles.....and I don't know why.

Red said...

Ron: u r welcome
kdpierre: I forget her name also, but lusted over those photos at an earlier age. Bettie did have a gorgeous bottom.
bottoms up