male nipple play

A topic I have discussed on this blog, but only three other posts you can look at if interested
so maybe it is time to discuss this....
Cindy has always  loved my affectionate kissing, sucking and licking her breasts, so at some point a couple of years ago, i asked her to try doing this to me. She tried, but did not see the point of it.
It took a bit of convincing, where Cindy would use her hot breath, her mouth and lips, and tongue, but she really started to enjoy it when she nibbled and I reacted. 
 This was somewhat like Cindy not understanding why I desired to be spanked.
but something we have both grown to love. It is now a wonderful part of our love making, and as you see it can be combined with other nice ideas.
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including biting
or nipple play

Have you involved male nipple play in your love making?

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Anonymous said...

There is much nipple play in this home. Ours started by what might be called accident. R had been giving me oral sex and was moving up to mount me. She stopped at my nipples and noticed they were hard. She began to lick them and I started moaning, then she sucked and bit them gently. Needless to say I responded and she loved it. Now she does it quite often and also loves to pinch, twist and pull them. Many times when she is watching TV and sitting on the sofa I'll sit on her lap facing her (straddling) and offer her my nipples. I love it.

Anonymous said...

Hello Red,

when Lindsay goes over to 'nipple play' with me, it's basically the moment my penis and scrotum go 'yeah, it's on!'

Best wishes,

Marco & Lindsay

M.B. said...

Really like your blog. First time commenting. Over the past 10 years or so I wound my nipples getting more and more sensitive. As soon as my wife starts to play with them. The sensitivity goes straight to my cock. Some of my wife's friends know these, so they play with my nipples though my shirt. They see the rise in my pants. Big teasers, but I Iove it.

Joe said...

Yes my wife likes to play with, suck, nibble and squeeze my nipples especially when we are in the missionary position. When she first suggested it I was not really interested but agreed now I love it. Sometimes when I am doing something she will come up from behind reach around and rub and pinch my nipples playfully which instantly arouses me. Nipple play both ways has become a bid part of our play time.

Njspank said...

Wow. I dated a girl who loved sucking my nipples. Was hot

Red said...

archedone: sounds delightful... and my nipples are very sensitive, and Cindy loves sucking and specially nibbling.
Marco: delightful
M.B. Glad you like the blog. Do tell more of your adventures, specially in the world of spanking, but also beyond that.
Joe: as it has with us... thanks for sharing
Ron: must have been fun
bottoms up