AS simple as ABC --- ASK!!!!!

Thought for the day which is always appropriate
If you would like your partner to spank you:
you might be (un)pleasantly surprised that they are willing

ASK if you would like a SPECIAL little extra attention after your spanking
you would like to try smothering (gently) once...ASK!!!!

Life is to be enjoyed.... ASK!!!!

bottoms up


Joe said...

Fantastic #6 is great

1ManView said...

I really like that last one.. 😊

peace and love

Cat said...

I do like the Three Simple Rules, Red...they apply to every facet of our lives don't they. :)

Hugs and blessings...Cat

Anonymous said...

asking can hurt but it's a wonderful hurt, but can lead to fun things. Many times I've asked R to spank me. And yes a few times asked for her to peg me.

Anonymous said...

Asked Lindsay for a BDSM-adventure....she agreed!

Marco & Lindsay

Red said...

Joe; 1maanview: glad you liked the post, specially the last item
Cat: Very true... and they relate to the old Scottish term called gumption
archedone: excellent to know, your partner does not know what you are thinking unless you tell them
Marco: wonderful
bottoms up

Anonymous said...

I am a grown man and a very strong man---so I could sure say no to a spanking---My wife does not spank me often but I have ever refused one yet--When she finally has to resort to a bare ass spanking I know full well I have it coming in spades it hurts on my bare butt ALOT

Red said...

Anon: glad to know you accept a spanking when needed. Sounds like you should suggest she spank you more often, so less important reasons also get dealt with, all in the thought of a happy and contented marriage
bottoms up