Spanksters have a totally different idea of spooning than the average person.
Sometimes the spoon will come to you

and sometimes you will see it in the kitchen
but it can make an appearance in any room
and you must come to the spoon
and while you are baring your bottom, she will show you what to expect
and whether large
or small
you will be dancing to the tune it is spanking on your bottom
Hopefully if you have to do corner time, you do not have to display it as this lady does

bottoms up


Anonymous said...

Isn't it funny how the spoon finds its way into different rooms. It happens in this house also. I too have found the size of the spoon does not matter. the only difference I can see is the larger spoon gets more of my bottom redder faster. And to think a long time ago while shopping I picked up a spoon and said I bet this would sting. We bought that spoon and she used it that day. Lots of ouching owing hollering and kicking. Gawd I love that spoon.

Cat said...

Ooh...I have done that darn kitchen dance...ouch! Love the heavy metal cartoon...thanks for sharing, Red. :)

Hugs and blessings...Cat

Baxter said...

we were in the neighborhood hardware store one day and looking through the housewares dept, I pointed at a wooden spoon. my wife said What? I said You Know. She said yeah, get it. It is one of her favorite implements

Njspank said...

Spoon really stings

Red said...

archedone: spoons do travel, easily carried to wherever you are if needed. Seems you should purchase other inexpensive items while shopping.

Cat:I do the kitchen dance quite frequently.. it really solves a problem quickly and immediately

Baxter; such a wonderful suggestion you made to your wife

Ron; truly they do
bottoms up

Pizza Paddle said...
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