Spanking thoughts for today

Spankings work for both men and women, and many of us appreciate being spanked for fun, or for discipline, or for both reasons..Hopefully, this is NOT your situation!

As Ronnie, Hermione, Jan, Cat, Bonnie, Cheryl, and so many many more have stated
However, women should and do know that it works for men to be spanked
and this is the absolute best way:
and corner time allows the man or woman  to reflect on his behavior, and learn to behave better
and this states the reality of our fascination with spanking

bottoms up


  1. Many people both men and women enjoy a good spanking and in some relationships they both enjoy receiving. When I get spanked as I did the other day there are many benefits. 1 I get to somewhat enjoy receiving. 2 it settles me down. 3 It brings us closer together. 4 she enjoys spanking me and she is happier. I could list more but you get the idea. I feel there should be at least 3 spankings a week at the very least. Just think how happy we would all be getting spanked more often.

    1. I really glad for your benefits # 3 and 4. I think that may be the hardest part for a spankee to explain to their partner (spanker).

      All the best,


  2. Harrison Ford/ Liam Nissan! Priceless!...... and proof that captions CAN be brilliant. Good find, Red.

  3. Hi Red, nice pics and great sentiments!
    love Jan, xx

  4. Love the pics, Red and agree...sometimes, I really do need a spanking. Especially since there hasn't been one around here since Matthew passed away. Yup...getting a bit our of control. I can say that neither my ex nor Matthew would have let me spank them. LOL Very much enjoyed the Harrison Ford/Liam Nissan giggle. ;)

    Hugs and blessings...Cat

  5. Hardest part of the scene is to Shen to make the move both as a lap and a bottom

  6. yes everyone needs a good spanking once in a while

  7. archedone: I agree with your thoughts, but at least one a week sets a minimum, and who knows what other spankings you might earn.

    Matt: Cindy has come to enjoy spanking me, and that is wonderful... and, unfortunately, every spanking has a reason... instead of just because she felt like it.

    kdpierre; Jan ; glad you liked the post, specially the sentiments

    Cat: Glad I could give you a giggle, too bad you do not live close, as I could spank you, and then Cindy would really SPANK me.
    Ron; not quite certain what you stated
    Baxter: very true, if it is consensual.
    bottoms up


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