positions and reasons to be spanked

The twelve days of Christmas has increased our use of different spanking positions. So here are a  few you might like to experiment with.
and the reasons why you might be spanked
The rules are too many to list, for instance  taking one from J's list of reasons

 Maybe you might like to list:
the top three reasons why you are spanked!

 Your partner is waiting to see if your list agrees with hers
 and your partner is happy to spank you and relieve all stress
 and displeasure

bottoms up


Anonymous said...

like the positions. Been in 6 of them and a few not listed. Reasons to be spanked...Because she wants to...Because she likes to see me with a red bottom...Because she likes the way I wiggle and kick....last and far from least.....I enjoy it.

Njspank said...

I love reasons adds to the fun but don't need a reason

Baxter said...

nothing like a woman smiling as she spanks her man. my wife smiles also.

Merryslave said...

1. Give her daily orgasm(s) orally.
2. Keep my bottom and underwear clean.
3. Put the toilet seat down!

Anonymous said...

The spanking positions are awesome.
Thanks Red for the ideas!

Marco and Lindsay.

Rivulus said...

This position is very stress relieving:-)

Red said...

archedone; always good to vary and try new positions, and the reasons are excellent for why you are spanked.

Ron; reasons can make the spanking more real, but either method is truly fun

Baxter: Cindy has learned to smile, and finds it sexually arousing.

Merryspalve: good rules

Marco and Lindsay: Enjoy experimenting

Rivulus: a spanking is the best stress relief I know

bottoms up

Pizza Paddle said...

The position is mostly face down on the bed. Reasons range from forgetting to lock the garage or leaving the stove turned on, to generally acting like a brat or just annoying my wife.

Red said...

pizza; reasonable reasons, but leaving the stove turned on should be a real whopper of a spanking. That habit MUST change
bottoms up