how a gift gets you spanked

A simple post from yesteryear...
Your loving wife's response is foretold long ago!
She definitely was not pleased with your gift
bottoms up
and have you seen the new version of StarWars, not rogue one, but rouge one!



Anonymous said...

I'm safe when giving her gifts but that last spanking photo. Ouch I've been spanked like that where several spanks land on the same spot........talk about hollering and kicking that will do it every time.

Baxter said...

I was expecting the second picture to be that guy wearing one of the aprons buck naked with a red bottom with 'his best girl' standing off to the side with a hairbrush in her hand.

Red said...

archedone: so very true, repeated spanks to one spot and WOW

Baxter: I should have thought of that

bottoms up