hands on the head

So many lovable photos of scenarios where a woman is about to be spanked!
She might have to be bare from the waist down
or totally disrobed
Maybe she has to wait sitting on a chair with her bottom bared, and the spanking implement on her lap, so as to focus her mind on what is to transpire,
but maybe the hands are there to enforce discipline, and not interfere  with the spanking
or birching
but it works for men also
It can also be used to aide in baring him
or a woman might be amusing herself telling him that his erection will earn a longer spanking
or amusing herself that his erection has disappeared this time when he knows he is about to be spanked
when friends are around, it shows his submissiveness
 after being spanked
and makes certain he does not try to rub away the burn
friends can admire how his erection has shrunk, and his attitude has been changed
 Women can also enjoy seeing the result of their friend having being spanked
bottoms up


Rivulus said...

It's exciting beating during the erection.

kdpierre said...

It is definitely a universal gesture of surrender, even despite the practical benefits of non-interference.

Njspank said...

Great post. Thanks

Anonymous said...

I can only imagine the embarrassment of having someone watching as I'm striped for spanking, seeing the spanking, then seeing me naked with a red bottom on full display. It would be very embarrassing but I would like to experience it once.

Anonymous said...

Love the woman in #4 - body shape, pose, spanked by another woman. And of course, #7 is now a favorite of mine.


Red said...

kdpierre; so true, and appropriate when you are going to be spanked

Ron; you are welcome

archedone: it is fun... but hard to arrange

Matt: glad you found some pleasing photos
bottoms up

Red said...

rivulus; but as I age, the erection fades extremely quickly
bottoms up