erections before being spanked

When I was younger, this was a certainty, whenever the idea of a spanking was in the offing. Cindy would lower my underwear
and comment on how truly unfortunate that this is going to disappear during your spanking, which could be the words of this young woman, while the man is quite fearful
If having to stand in the corner prior tot he spanking, she would remark on my erection, when I was told to face her. (Hopefully, this young man is 21, otherwise they could not have filmed the spanking scene)
and then
Or, there might be some intense smooching first
but Cindy has never held on to my erection while I have been spanked
but after the spanking all is forgiven and the smooching begins to bring my erection back to life, IF CINDY DECIDES THAT WE WILL MAKE LOVE NOW!
with the twelve days of Christmas spanking experience, Cindy spanks not as hard as this, but much harder and more effectively than ever before
and after a spanking, i never have an erection...
I imagine if I did, Cindy would just re-start the spanking until it was gone!

My questions to male readers

Do you get an erection when you know you are about to be spanked?

Is the erection gone by the time the spanking ends?


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Baxter said...

I typically get a erection at the mention of a pending spanking, but during the spanking, it goes away and comes back after. Very dependable

kdpierre said...

Speaking personally I don't, and can't recall ever having had one prior.

Dan Mel said...

Yes I sometimes get an erection before a spanking and sometimes my wife puts it between her thighs and squeezes it while spanking me. It is gone by the end of the spanking. Sometimes she jerks me off first and the spanking seems to hurt so much more and sometimes she will slap my erection with her strap and that makes it go away fast.

Anonymous said...

Oh yes, when younger, the mention of a spanking always got me erect. Now at 67, it takes a bit more talking to create the same effect, but it is possible. And like you, after a good spanking my erection was usually gone. After the spanking however, and especially the next morning, an erection usually reappears with a vengeance. And my wife is happy to put it to good use. May it all continue for us.

Anonymous said...

Hi Red,

I always have an erection before, during and after my spankings. The harder the spanking the harder...well, you know.

As you may remember, all my spankings are erotic, fun spankings and I wouldn't have it any other way. The hardest one I got late last year was also the messiest as I was across my wifes lap for a while and in between sets I thrusted (my penis is always between her thighs) whilea she rubbed my bottom and ran her nails over my cheeks and though I didn't orgasm, the tissues I used to soak up the inevitable were destroyed. I was turned on a little.

It was a really good time!

The love making afterwards was also rather intense!

Happy Spankings


Anonymous said...

Hello Red,

My penis is always erect when I am getting spanked and Lindsay is pleased with the fact that it stays up.
I must add that my punishments are for roleplay only, not for bad behaviour.

Best wishes,

Marco & Lindsay

otkloverjohn said...

Red, I usually get an erection at the immediate announcement of a spanking, or while thinking about it while in the corner. However, usually about 10-15 minutes into the spanking, it is gone. Sometimes, but not always, it does make another appearance near or at the end of the spanking session if I am really lucky. Quite often I will get it back if I am doing corner time with red sore bottom.

Njspank said...

Every time yes but goes away very quickly unless we are doing a sexy spanking where I wear panties and she spanks and let's me rub on her leg until completion but for the real spankings it goes away pretty quickly.
Love the post
By the way that guy is well over 21 have seen clips he just looks young in some of the shots.

Pizza Paddle said...

Yes, upon my wife telling me to get ready, my little fella, always pops up to see what's happening. He always retreats quickly when he finds out...

Merryslave said...

I do not get an erection prior to a spanking. It's a mental thing, whereby I separate "spanking" and sex.
In the afterglow after a spanking, I usually do.

Red said...

Baxter: we are very, very similar in effect of a spanking

kdpierre: interesting... how severe are your spankings?

Dan: I have had the experience of my erection between Cindy's thighs while being spanked, and it disappears as the spanking continues. Never had the other experiences

Yorkie: delightful! However, you should offer to be spanked if you have misbehaved terribly, as it will increase the number of spankings.. and it in our opinion increases the emotional bond between us. (just an idea - always have fun)

Marco and Lindsay: as I have mentioned to Yorkie, that is wonderful, but once you might like to try a discipline spanking if you REALLY screw up big time.

Pizza: so very true for me, but not my 'little' fellow

merryslave: thanks for sharing
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Red said...

anon: sounds delightful that spanking helps you and your wife's sex life. Enjoy
bottoms up

Red said...

Ron: sexy and real spankings.. great to have both types of spankings. thanks for the info onthe young man
bottoms up

Red said...

otkloverjohn; you must be a much younger man than i, as this does not occur to me. However, with a helping affection, my erection returns quickly