Bottoms Up

My favorite saying, because it has two meanings
 Thus, it always makes me think of
 or Cindy stating bottoms up TIME!
 and the caption below is very apropo! (I found it on a tumblr some years ago...
PS: I know the spanker and spankee above, and she has spanked me once. If she looks at this post, it might be another trip over her knee, but a much stronger spanking than last time.

a few smiles for today
 but then again, be always willing to try something new
bottoms up


Anonymous said...

I remember you writing about her spanking you. Maybe the next time it will be Cindy and her at the same time. As you said bottoms up over both their laps.

Joe said...

I remember you writing about her speaking you as well and it would be great to read about you over Cindy's and her lap at the same time.

Cat said...

LOL Red...love the giggles...especially the "same old shit/crazy new shit" one. Thanks for sharing.

Hugs and blessings...Cat

Red said...

archedone; pleasant dream, but erasonably certain it will not happen... but thanks for the dream

Joe: dreamers

Cat: you are very welcome... their is more to life than spanking, so I am trying to put humor in almost every post.
bottoms up

Njspank said...

Love the last pic with the brush. Thanks

Red said...

Ron; this wonderful lady can give a very effective spanking
bottoms up