If you are in a spanking relationship: 

IT might be fun to start making a list of spanking couples, with the statement of who is spanked, and who does the spanking  If you have a blog or tumblr or wordpress..or other, please include the complete address
I will start to compile a list, then pass the list on to other bloggers to ask their readers.

Relationships work best if you follow this motto, in my humble opinion.

However, sometimes one person needs to be spanked, for the benefit of the relationship

so do make certain you  deal with problems quickly and effectively
whichever person needs to be spanked
However, from my reading experience of bloggers, it is a one way street in a relationship, with one person the spanker, and the other the spankee


bottoms up


Anonymous said...

Hi Red,

Yorkie here. I don't have a blog or anything but I am definitely in a spanking relationship. As you may recall, my wife spanks me not for punishment or for any other reason that it turns me on and keeps me happy. Speaking of which, I got one tonight. I'm hoping to feel its effects for a day or two. Significant it was as well as magnificent. She is truly an artist.

Happy Spankings


Anonymous said...

Don't have a blog but love to follow those that do. Long term relationship with her doing the spanking I do the receiving and am happy to do so. Don't know any spankers or spankees RL but from my reading having a spanking relationship does help the marriage it has helped ours.

Baxter said...

As I tell people, I may wear the pants in the family, but she tells the pants what to do. HAHA. We do have friends that may be in to spanking. We had lunch with them recently and I don't know how the subject was broached, but my wife was telling the other wife to get a bread board from a cooking store to use as a paddle and the other wife was interested in it.

Anonymous said...

Hello to you all. My wife Lindsay spanks me for sexual pleasures. I am thinking about getting a new tumblr. The previous one, I quit it because I got 2 warnings about copyright. Anyway, about once a month, Lindsay agrees spanking me and doing femdom-light stuff with me. Oh, in March, Lindsay and I will go to a BDSM-fantasy house and we play out a BDSM-fantasy. We will keep you posted.

Lindsay and Marco (Netherlands)

Njspank said...

We switch but mostly I get my ass spanked but occasionally I get to spank. It is fun

Joe said...

Hello Red hope you had a great vacation with lots of spanking. I am spanked by my beautiful wife now about every other week and love it, am hoping for more as time goes on, both in frequency and intensity, she is still concerned about hurting me despite my assurances that she has not and I will tell her if she does somehow hurt me, other then the obvious. Just had a good hand spanking last night and loved it, thanked her both in words and actions ;<)

Red said...

Yorkie: a wonderful relationship of a man and woman. you are a very lucky man.

archedone: thanks, and it has definitely helped our marriage also

Baxter: wonderful relationship> As the saying goes, I wear the pants, and she tells me when to take them off. You MUST ask your wife about the conversation, and then share with us.

marco: do try another tumblr, they are fun to create just like this blog...Do tell about your fantasy house experience.

ron: fun and very delightful I am certain

Joe; great vacation. Your experiences seem similar to Cindy and I , and I expect the spankings will slowly, very slowly, become more frequent and harder.

bottoms up

Eric51 Amy49 said...

Hi Red,

I"m the lucky girl who gets spanked by my husband, Eric at


Anonymous said...

I am in a spanking relationship with my wife, exclusively on the receiving end. As others can testify we really don't have arguments as they would end up with me in the corner and a bright red sore bottom on display. And yes it is very embarrassing when in public she ask me if I would like a spanking. But we did meet another spanking couple that way, only time I ever got spanked same time as another husband

Anonymous said...

Hi Red,

I have encouraged my wife to use spanking and paddling for both erotic and disciplinary reasons. She is rather ambivalent to either, but will administer a spanking if I request it. I do crave the disciplinary aspect of much stricter spankings for those occasions I get mouthy or otherwise may need an attitude adjustment for which she directs and initiates. Curious if you have any advice for how I may better encourage her to not only use discipline in our marriage, but come to either appreciate or enjoy it?

Thank you :)

Anonymous said...

My wife is the one who wears the pants in the family. Many a time I'm facing the wall, mostly naked, red bottom on display. This is what I want, need, oh and she does give a sound spanking.

Red said...

Amy: thank you for passing on your blog, I will post about it when i get the chance.. being retired, I am extremely busy at the moment, just back from vacation.

Anon: sounds delightful... when we are out of town, I wish Cindy would say that to me..

anon: Your wish will take time. be very grateful that your wife is willing to spank you,k as many women would not. Cindy was VERY RELUCTANT when I first asked, and it took a LOT of PERSUASION to happen. Now, thirteen years later, she happily spanks me whenever she feels it is needed.
Without pushing, if she is unhappy about something you did, say how sorry you are, that you accept that she should spank you for it, and that you will do your UTMOST for it never to happen again. it probably will happen again, as we are human, but make certain it is not some afterwards.

anon: wonderful. Pick a pseudo name, and maybe make a blogger account, so that you could then tell us more about your relationship so readers could follow.
bottoms up