thoughts for today

Some days, your eyes are treated to some nice views... and causes you to reflect on life
This makes me realize I should always ask for autographs
Be willing to pick up groceries during the day
stop for lunch at  a outdoor patio restaurant
and visit the beach more often
and this is just with the hand, wait until she uses the brush
and a few good smacks to hurry you on your way to standing in the corner.
bottoms up


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  2. After looking at this, I feel I should be out shopping and dining more. The first pic I'll pass on she is in jail.
    I have from time to time gotten some pats as I'm getting in display position.

  3. I agree with the bubble thing and yeah, I would be in deep shit if my thoughts were displayed in bubbles. But I have to admit to always keeping my eye open for nipples out in the open and butt cracks as well, the female ones of course. :)

  4. Hello Red,

    Well, I am a boob man, so the smaller ones.....not really my thing.

    Best wishes,


  5. Dam. I love the spankings picture. Nice.

  6. I told my girlfriends I refer to those inadvertent public peeks of breasts and nipples as "little blessings"; blessed to be where I was at that exact moment. I'm sure most women have had this happen to them at one time or another and probably never knew it. I never make a comment, point, or (Never!) take a pic as it would embarrass them and there is no reason to do that. It's only a breast and nipple, so act like you've seen them before 'fer cryin' out loud!! Just smile, enjoy the moment, and think "Thanks, God!!".

    Beautiful women. Thanks for posting.


  7. archedone; first picture looks like the back alley of a theater in New york City. PATS ARE FUN.

    Baxter: as would I. Being alert is always healthy, so seeing the sights is fun..
    Marco: all are beautiful... one's mouth and lips are only so big...
    Ron; you are welcome
    AJ: totally agree, but nice to see when others have taken photos, many of which I am certain are posed for.
    bototms up


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