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Another spankster has emailed me asking that I post about their site that they have created. I am very pleased to help send viewers to any site that I feel hosts appropriate spanking scenes and ideas..
Here is the letter:   Hi Red,

    My partner and I opened up recently a blog on how we spank ourselves, and that's why I wanted to ask you if you would review it, and if you like it, you could link to our blog (it's new and we don't have many  readers).
We will appreciate any support , because we want more interactions with other fellow self spankers :)

 Have a great weekend!

 Jessica / selfspankingblog.wordpress.com

I have looked at the site, and it does have good advice about spanking oneself. Better by far, is that the site is also about why we should be happy in desiring to be spanked, not feeling we are abnormal or a pariah or a pervert.
It's EMPHASIS IS ON CONSENSUAL SPANKING, when your partner is spanking you!

some of the topics:

The wish to spank yourself is normal!\

How to enhance your self-spanking

Why spanking should be a part of your life

However, it is a new site, they are trying their best, so wish them luck.  Of course, they also have a manual you can purchase! I have not read it, so can make NO recommendation on it 

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Njspank said...

Nice post and support. I have seen the site and it is really well done. Some good advice and some nice comments on spanking. It is a good site.
Self spankings is hard and often unsatisfying and potentially depressing but these folks add a nice positive spin. Bravo to them.

Anonymous said...

Good site to read. I have tried to self spank a few times when R was out of town. I found with most implements, the wooden spoon, belt, paddle I couldn't get a hard enough spank. Then I tried the whip I made R to use on me. It worked great and many times since I've used it like when making the bed. I'll give myself 20 on one side of the bed go to the other adjust the sheet 20 more back to the first and so on and usually end up with over a 100 good ones and a nice sore stinging bottom. What I don't care for and maybe you can mention it to them is to reply on their site and many other sites you have to supply an e mail addy. I think that will hurt many from replying. I did find the site interesting.

Jessica / selfspankingblog.wordpress.com said...

Red, Ron,

thanks for your compliments!
Yes self spanking is actually much more difficult than most suppose.

It's one of the reasons why this site exists...

Thanks for the compliments, guys!

Red said...

Ron: I agree
archedone: true comment about email address. Maybe it is time you had a spanking email, that you use only on a different browser than your regular browser, so as to never have any connection link. However, some people never want to take that chance.

Jessica: you are welcome
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