Red's turn to be spanked

After having spanked Cindy, my fate was pretty well sealed for either later that day, or 100 to 1 odds on the following day.

The words were something of the nature that you need to be spanked, and while I am spanking you I will tell you why! Almost out of the blue, but the odds were definitely not in my favor.

Cindy simply walked to the bedroom, and I meekly followed. No need to be told to follow! Cindy immediately sat on the spanking chair, but I asked her if she could stand for a minute so that I could move it outward from the wall, as it always is positioned for a spanking. There is no room for Cindy to spank, nor for me to be over her knees, while it is tucked away in the corner.

Cindy stated that I should get her two implements, one leather and something else. Leaving me to choose which implements simply means that they had better be effective choices,if I know what is good for me.

I suggested also that I put her spanking shoes on her, which are high heel leather patent shoes, as they raise her legs preventing me from rolling off accidentally. Cindy was quite pleased while I put them on her, saying that she seems to wear these quite often,but never when going out.

The selections were the short tawse, and the DWC "old Reliable". Cindy approved.

Pants down, over the knee, and Cindy then lowered my underwear to pat my bottom, then she picked up the SHORT TAWSE and my feet were jerking from the first stroke.. That tawse is fierce when used with strength, and Cindy had many a reason to be spanking me. While spanking, she slowly informed me that when she had finished the first part, then she would explain why I was being spanked.
She did pause twice, asking if I was breathing, and to be certain I was not holding my breath. (Something quite impossible to do when you are owwing and dancing at the same time.) The next pause had her asking about my arms and shoulders, that are somewhat supporting me, and stated we should move to the bed.

Cindy propped upright with her back against the headboard, I was once again over her knee, where after a few more spanks, she stated that the reason I was being spanked was that I should be more "Ears Open, spank spank spank, Mouth Shut  spank spank spank...

Have you got that.. Ears.. what..spank spank spank OPEn, Mouth ..spank spank spank Shut/.

Okay, let's move on to this nice wooden paddle, and Cindy gave many spanks with my feet dancing, until she stated, before I finish...
What have you learned today...
EARS OPEN, MOUTH SHUT! was my instant reply.
Similar to this photo, but with a wooden paddle.A very happy Cindy started spanking again, remarking how well I have learned today's lesson...

I was permitted to get up, and immediately thanked Cindy for the spanking.

It had obviously been a turn-on for Cindy, as the love making that followed was amazing.
bottoms up


  1. Ah yes. The DWC "Old Reliable". It is VERY reliable

  2. Wow part two of an amazing and totally sexy Christmas story. Wow. Awesome

  3. As you know Red, we have followed much of your advice and have but some spice in our marriage and some sore bottoms. We normally find cause and we watched a short video of a man taking a hairbrush spanking for 5 minutes straight....non stop. Well after a bet and some sarcastic behavior I gave him a bare bottom spankings with a new bath-brush which had him sore for days and I will not admit to him my shoulder is still sore......Red you are next to go ever my knees, yes hose and heels.........

    1. That last part sounds like an extra Christmas present for Red!


  4. Hi Red, well you were not going to escape for long after spanking Cindy! Revenge is sweet.
    love Jan, xx

  5. As usual over the weekend L. is performing his domestic chores, wearing the 'summary' outfit that leaves his derrière exposed to any ad hoc 'reminder' - which he has managed to avoid thus far...
    He has been exceptionally diligent over the past 8-10 days... perhaps because he anticipates my sister's visit over the Xmas season, when B & I will mark the 12 days of Christmas with daily ministrations to his unprotected backside :-)


    1. Chores all done, with no other "reward" than two dozen licks of the maple switch (as a 'reminder', I guess!)... Before the coming week is out, however, B. will have arrived - and we know what I can expect!


    2. Yes, you know! And B. and I will make sure you remember it! :-)


  6. I'm guessing Cindy took the rest of her stress out on your tush and is now relaxed and enjoying the Christmas season, Red? ;)

    Hugs and blessings...Cat

  7. Hmmm, maybe I was wrong maybe to relieve Cindy's stress all she needs to do is spank you. From your remark of the after sex she was really relaxed. Isn't it funny how our feet can dance so fast.

  8. Tomy: and effective..
    Ron: more, much m,ore to come.
    anon (C): never overdo the spanking... a bath brush can be quite lethal... specially aswe age.. seems your turn OTK is just around the corner...
    MATT: I am fortunate that we do NOT live near each other.
    Jan: Very true...
    J: proof positive that spankings work
    L: Merry Christmas, and is the saying Season greetings, or season beatings...
    CAT: unfortunately no... she stresses far too much..
    archedone; that is the approach I have suggested, and we have embarked on.. my feet will be dancing daily...
    bottoms up


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