Does your boss need to be spanked???

Fantasy day, but for spanksters, what a wonderful fantasy. Your boss might need to be spanked, if this was considered to be true..
Employee of the Month
...We have a Winner!

This is the level of dedication we expect from all staff!
There is a reason laptop spelled backwards is “potpal”.

Now, artists have had fun.... can you imagine this happening to your boss
imagine all of your co-workers joining in..
It would definitely work for male bosses, as these employees are enjoying the thought of making their mark impressing their employer with their strong efforts
For many of my male readers, they would prefer that the female boss enforces discipline in the office
whether OTK
or bared for the cane
and I can just hear many men saying
so, enjoy the dream, whichever it is (or all the scenarios)

and the monday morning coffee sets the tone for the week
bottoms up


Baxter said...

Yeah, I don't know abou people who sit on the throne and do work. I have heard folks in the stalls talking on their goddamn phone while taking a crap. Really? Now I sit on the throne and do facebook because our company system does not allow it. As far as discipline in the office, my supervisor is female and well over a decade younger but I could imagine her paddling my ass - yep.

Anonymous said...

good cartoons. I'm sure there are many that would love to spank an employee or be spanked. It would sure change the tune at work. I could see me coming home from work and R being in a spanking mood and me saying I was already spanked at work and I'm sore. Do you think it would matter to her?

otkloverjohn said...

I volunteer to be the "bad" boss to the 4 women in black who are so ready with their various instruments of ass destruction. I'm sure many of us have fantasized about our female boss or even co-workers spanking our bare butts, I know I have.

Red said...

Baxter: pleasant dreams
archedone: it would just give her encouragement to make certain you know her spankings are the most effective.
otkloverrjohn: very true, and numerous men would volunteer to be spanked by those ladies.
bottoms up

Njspank said...

Well not my boss. But great fantasy. How awesome is Wolfie and his drawings.

Red said...

Ron: fantasies are fun, and i enjoy Wolfie's art
bottoms up

Anonymous said...

Some of your pictures remind me that women - much more than men - find it amasing and titillating when another woman - even a close friend - gets spanked by her husband or boss. Why is that I wonder?

Red said...

Anon: just wondering if you are a man or a woman? If a man, How would you know this, that is, what experience has happened for you to make this generalization
bottoms up