vintage photos

A simple post to start your day. I w2onder what movie this photo is from?

Riding school anyone... kinky settings were often used
so many men would have offered to help this young lady
Charming, waiting to be spanked?
i would run if this woman was waiting with this flogger..
The implement is scary, the woman delightful
What a delightful knee to bend over, but hope Bettie Paige will be kind(ish0
looks like she is loving it
love the stockings framing her bottom, but this woman looks frightened about the caning to come
Friends are always smiling when they see you being spanked
and the look on your face is delightful ,and your bottom will be on display when you are standing in the corner
and some follow-up photos from caption day
 fun film to be a paticipant

the movie was a Hungarian film titled The Round-UP , filmed in 1966

Spanking and sex, has been delightfully around from ancient times..

bottoms up


  1. Thanks Red. Love vintage spanking photos especially black and white.


  2. I agree with Ronnie, vintage black and white photos of spankings are enjoyable

  3. Vintage photos are great. Gives us an idea what our parents and maybe grand parents were doing. The photos from "round up" were good. I was right they were about to cane her. the last photo she appears to be giving oral or one man while the other is taking her doggie. good post.

  4. The ancient Greeks had a much more open view on homosexuality that the US, or many other countries in the world, today. I live in the Netherlands and am absolutely apouled about the narrow-minded views the Americans have on this topic.

    There's much room for improvement in the US.


  5. Ronnie and baxter: you are welcome.. i love them also.. none of the blood and gore now vividly displayed on some spanking sites... The imagination is far more wonderful than seeing something too explicit.
    archedone: ancient times had fun ideas also..
    Marco: there is plenty of room for improvement in every country, and specially in every religion..
    bottoms up

  6. Red
    That first one is very hot. All of them are amazing.


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