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Here is a letter I received from Steve;


how are you? I hope all is well.
I liked the article a while ago about Spanked men - I'm not into it personally, but the pictures were nice nevertheless.

Anyways, I had to move my entire blog recently:

... my IT guy made a "minor" glitch in the software, I could no longer use some basic features.
Which is why I decided to move my entire blog to a new domain (spankinglife.net ) and repost the existing posts there and rebuild the blog from scratch (again...)

I was wondering, would you maybe update the link in your article as well?
That would be very nice .

Have a great weekend !


This site has very useful information for people new to spanking, and for everyone who have been in the lifestyle for quite some time.
Their is useful information on the site, without having to purchase this book.
so, whether you are a woman who is spanked
or the man that is spanked
always remember to thank the spanker for your spanking
They have a FACEBOOK page, but be EVER so careful to not be in the same browser as your reall identity, unless you want your spanking thoughts and situation displayed to all your friends.

bottoms up


  1. Hi Red, and that would be why I don't do facebook, lol
    love Jan, xx

  2. I don't do facebook, it does look interesting.


  3. Standing before the sink, rubbing her spanked bottom, that could be my wife. She in the beginning brought up spankings, over time she said I have improved, but recently mentioned not so hard. Her bottom is beautiful and so spankable that I just smiled told her I understood.

  4. Jan: i use a separate browser (mozilla) for all adult orientated activities, and never Facebook on this browser. I use a different browser for (Google) for family and friends.
    Marco: I am quite feed-up with the politics on Facebook, or pictures of people's food..
    anon; have fun
    bottoms up

  5. Replies
    1. Ron; it is a very good site
      bottoms up


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