on the road again

The road beckons, as does the airplane and the beach...

( thus, although I have left posts, this blog is not monitored until I return

Why the beach, let me count the ways:
Maybe it is the newest beach wear
or lack thereof
however, I must always remember to behave (somewhat)
and, the method of a happy marriage

NOW: for all the Monday morning blues, there is a solution...
the younger women in the audience might respond to my last attempt at humor with
and if you happen to not hear clearly what is stated
bottoms up


  1. hi Red, Hope you and Cindy have a lovely time. We loved the Monday sign!
    love Jan, xx

  2. not sure I like that attempt at concealing nipples and pussy, looks tacky. The next picture of total nudity is great.

  3. Hope you have a great trip. you won't see this until you return but a word of caution. If you are looking at women on the beach Cindy is going to be busy warming your bottom and you will do some sleeping on your tummy.

  4. Jan: Glad you liked the sign, and we had a very relaxing fun in the surf vacation
    Baxter: strange to say the least.. I prefer the thongs that were so prevalent at the beach resort.
    Joe: thank you, we did
    archedone: sounds like a win win
    bottoms up


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