A special OTK Thanksgiving present

If you are wondering what to purchase for your wife as a surprise gift, here is a site you might find interesting
tee-shirt amusing.  Now, you will need to explain to your unsophisticated friends that OTK  stands for
 and that you dabble in encryption topics now and then.

you can find more of these products  at

or at  WEOTK if you would like to see more of these products
You could always purchase a cup
because would you really wear a tee shirt out of the house?
Wearing the tee shirt around the house
could be used  as a reminder that you might be spanking your partner later, or that you would like to be spanked sooner than later

You could say you got this at a ANIME convention 
Otakuthon, Montreal's anime convention (OTK is pronounced as "O-tak")

A parting thought always worth remembering. If your partner takes the time and effort to spank you , always thank them when the spanking is finished. Otherwise...
bottoms up


  1. hi Red, I have been on that site and bought some pressies for hubby for Christmas ;)
    love Jan, xx

  2. Now I need to check out that site! Looks like it might be fun to get something special!

  3. Thanks for sharing that site, Red...will definitely have to go check it out. ;)

    Hugs and blessings...Cat

  4. Thanks Red. I will take a look when I have more time.


  5. Jan: naughty actions, so hope the suggestions work..

    Minelle: it does seem like fun, but more active tops for women than for men..

    Cat and Ronnie : you are welcome
    bottoms up


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