What do you see first

Just a fun collection of photos to capture your imagination!
did you see the caption, or did your imagination make you the smiling bike rider?
Did you immediately see why your wife is so happy, that special gleam in her eyes, or did you have to wait to hear her HAPPILY declare: I knew i packed my hairbrush!

Did you see the look of determination in her eyes, or was it the TAWSE?
The eyes staring at you, the hand on the hip, or the brush in her hand?
I guess it goes without saying
The happy smile to see you, the beautiful outfit on this well known gorgeous woman, or the wooden brush?
Do you first see the look on your partner's face,or the outfit, possibly the chair and wonder why she is stting there, or do you see the wooden paddle, and know precisely why she is sitting there?
Whether seated
or standing 
it will be soon bottoms up time
and your wife will work out all her frustration on your bottom
See, now you know she is smiling
 Why were you spanked? Could it be because

bottoms up


  1. Shawn, paddle first or hairbrush what ever she has in her hand, quickly bare my bottom or wait until she does and always cover my bare bottom knowing how bad it is going to feel once off her lap.

  2. Lindsay spanked me last Thursday. Great stuff.


  3. I like the photo of the wife who just remembered she packed her hairbrush. My wife always carries a hairbrush in her purse when we go out just in case she need to administer a spanking that can't wait until we get home.

  4. Love the lady in white dress holding the strap

  5. I see the eyes, the position and then the WAD. :)

  6. shawn: If she is holding a spanking implement, my eyes ALWAYS see it first

    Marco: hurrah for Lindsay

    Dan: a very delightful photo

    Ron You are welcome

    baxter: the eyes do tell you everything you need to know
    bottoms up


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