A spanking husband is a tumblr that many people will like....

you can find humor
you can find some decent commentary
his commentary:
It’s flabbergasting that there was a time, not far distant, when a mainstream all-ages publication could joke about a post-pubescent girl being spanked by her father. Spanking is close to sex, and people have always known this.

I’m absolutely in favor of the disciplinary spanking of young women—within a freely contracted, sexually based, loving relationship with an emotionally mature partner. But fathers shouldn’t be spanking daughters. It’s wrong on just about any level I can think of.

We totally agree.  MATURE over 21 woman however can be in a consensual spanking agreement with their partner. Many many bloggers, and non-bloggers exist in this wonderful state.

The marriage counselor is about to appear
enjoy perusing the site

and asw a companion site, you might like a tumblr published with original Pictures of her spanked bottom

 Lizzie's site might be viewed with her partner's site
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  1. Thanks for posting the links to the sites. I liked both of them. Will you be putting a link on your site to theirs?

  2. Great post and reference to other sites. Thanks

  3. Nice catch with Josie. Cute

  4. archedone: glad you liked them. I will put a link eventually

    ron you are welcome, glad you liked Josie

    bottoms up

  5. My wife, dating her mention spankings, thinking it was good foreplay I would give light spankings. A year or two after our marriage she did something really stupid and that was her first real adult spanking. She gave that look when I stopped only to go back over my lap. I then told her to undress and face the wall. She looked so cute, a nice red bottom. Since then she knows I mean business.

    1. anon: hopefully she and you realize that you deserve to be spanked at times, and that a real spanking has been agreed in advance so that it is consensual... and that agreement is sometime long before (days , weeks, or months) before a real spanking occurs.
      bottoms up


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