erections and spanking

Many males are so excited by the thought of a spanking, that they have an instant erection. Women, however, when intent on spanking you, have no intention of letting that erection spoil their fun of spanking you.
You can just imagine the words:
Yes dear, I love you and your erection, so I will kiss you, and then spank you!
Sometimes the woman might be so annoyed that all she will say is:
Imagine the comments when about to be spanked by two  women, and then they mock your erection
Are you embarrassed if , as a few regular men who leave comments, the erection is in front of your mother-in-law
She might be delighted, and impressed, and determined to make it whither 
About to be spanked in front of your wife's friends,  she questions how you could possibly embarrass her with your erection, which is slowly withering
whereas your new bride is astounded that you are erect, whereas you are worried about how large her paddle is
they are discussing who should spank you first
You can imagine the words: HOW DARE YOU!
However, equally valid is the following for a woman1
Do you get erect when informed of an impending spanking?
I always used to , and sometimes still do, but age has slowed the erections when a spanking is about to occur. Probably now only 50% of the time!

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  1. Shawn, my mother-in-law has reminded me time and time again, erections don't do anything for her when it comes to spankings. She bare my bottom, out pops my erection, she will either spank me and the erection will go away, or have me masturbate, then the spanking hurts from the beginning. There have been times she has taken hold of it while scolding me. Spankings from my mother-in-law I try to advoid, she insures I remember for a long time. My other concern is when my wife and I return home, I must go to the bedroom, undress, lay my clothes neatly on the bed and wait for her. She will either do the spanking in the bedroom or if really mad take me naked to the kitchen and then have me bawling and facing the wall afterwards. An erection in front of my wife means only one thing, she strokes it hard and fast and it hurts when done and the spanking is really felt. This is thanks to my mother-in-law telling her daughter about doing this. The one time I wish would never have happened is being taken from the shower at my mother-in-law home, having come back late from drinking with some friends, my mother-in-law used a hairbrush like never before, my erection was gone really fast and then when done handed the brush to her daughter and she also spanked. I stood before both, crying, rubbing and promising to be good, fell on deaf ears, wall facing time and both gave me another spanking prior to my early bedtime.

  2. Jacob, my mother-in-law knew I was spanked, one particular visit I messed up and thought I got away with it, I was wrong. I was stepping out of the shower and my wife stood there, the look said it all. I became erect then and there. Not here I said pleading with her and then my mother-in-law walked in. Yes here and now she said, my house and so young man I'll do the spanking. She took me to the bedroom, cute she said looking at my erection, and then quickly over her lap. Coming out of the bedroom crying and rubbing her with a firm grip to the kitchen. My wife smiling as I came in, my mother-in-law saying that felt really good. She then looked at her daughter and what do you do about his little toy, my wife smiled and looked at me, I mostly have him relieve himself, fun to watch, or will quickly get rid of it. She then handed the hairbrush to my wife, my wife told me to face the wall and the two talked. Men are just little boys dear she told her daughter. I know mom and then told me to come to her. Still crying she pointed to her lap and I put on a show for my mother-in-law and I squirmed in the car all the way home, a good two hour drive, knowing the spankings were not done.

  3. Mat, I married a woman a few years older, ten or so. Shortly after our marriage I did something stupid, she said nothing of it at the time. That evening getting ready for bed I was about to put on my pajamas and she said not so fast. Thinking something else I looked at her and she had a stern look on her face. Not what you think she said seeing my erection and I just stood there. About today she said as she sat down, your were very naughty and so young man her voice getting sterner, that will be gone shortly and over her lap I went, sure enough it was gone and laying naked over her lap I squirmed, pleaded, she pinned my hand so as not cover my bottom, and when she finished I danced around the room rubbing and crying. Told to sit on her lap I did, my penis was limp, she hugged me, said this would not be the last time and I cried as she consoled me. The next morning at breakfast we talked about the spanking and I looked at her and admitted I needed it. She layed the rules of the home down, as for my erections since then I have preformed as she said for her, she has on a few occasions addressed the problem as she calls it, but for the most part it goes away during the spanking and very quickly. I will admit the spankings I get prior to bedtime, naked, I enjoy the most, it is at these times I feel like a naughty little boy and my Mommy is spanking me for being naughty.

  4. Joseph, the first adult spanking had me so hard and erect that the older lady I was dating, was not happy at all. Second picture down and the ninth picture could be that woman. I wanted a spanking really bad, could get an erection just thinking of it. Well this older lady knew how to spank and even when I was crying and pleading she continued on. Standing me up and pointed out how limp my penis was, she smiled and enjoyed me rubbing and dancing around. I find that older women who spank me I get very hard and erect, more so than with younger women.

  5. I feel most spankos desire the spanking so just prior to the spanking it's turn on and they get erect. I know I do and some times she'll play with it a bit then spank me. But during the spanking the erection goes away. But if she desires after the spanking she can bring it back.

  6. Yes I do get an erection upon being informed of a spanking, and yes it goes away fast as the paddle or brush descends upon my naked behind. It's not always that simple though. When my wife is realllly annoyed, I have to take care of it first while she watches....

  7. Hello Red,

    I am always rock hard before, during and after the spanking.

    Best wishes,


  8. I always get an erection but it doesn't go away during the spanking. In fact, I get more erect as it's such a turn on. The harder the spanking, the harder...well, you know.

    Happy Spankings


  9. Joseph, second to last picture, an lady I was seeing, was waiting when I stepped out of the shower, you have been needing a spanking for sometime and I soon was erect. She smiled, sat on the toilet and you may think that will get my attention, I was soon across her lap and when she finished I was a mess and very limp. Facing the wall for a good hour and then standing before her, limp, she smiled and said now this will get your attention and back over her lap. Since then, I always get an erection and within a very short time I'm limp and my bare bottom is feeling the sting of her hand or hairbrush. She always holds it afterwards and said women who need to give a spanking, could care less about your little erection, then I face the wall.

  10. It turns me on, and gives erection, to know that she cares enough to correct my behaviour !
    And yes, It wilts very soon when the discipline begins ! OWCH !

  11. Roland, the first adult spanking awoke me to what a spanking was really like and how the female sees it. My girlfriend just prior to our marriage informed me how things will be, I laughed when she said I will be spanked. I did not laugh long, boy she meant business, and I accepted. Erections occur, she reminds me that the female needs more than seeing an erection and it goes away quickly. I can protest, I can beg, plead, prior to a spanking does not work, I promise the world during the spanking, she does not listen, and when it is over, I always must finish undressing if not already, stand facing the wall no matter if visitors come, and the next morning, present myself for what she calls a reminder spanking, which means I wait in the bedroom, naked, she determines how long and the hairbrush is applied over her lap.
    She reminds me being a wife also means being a Mother at times and at those times her little boy will be given a otk spanking.

  12. Richard, I learned the hardway not to backtalk to your new mother-in-law. Mine was going to inform me right off that was not acceptable. We were visiting and she said we needed to talk just after I got out of bed. I said I'll get dress and she said not necessary. I was soon over her lap, my bottom bare and feeling the sting of her hand. I was erect for a short time. When she stood me up I was taken to the kitchen where my wife was having coffee. I faced the wall and when I was told to get dress, I was erect again, my mother-in-law said nice, but how about the spanking, I said it hurt, good she said.

  13. Almost always before...after depends if the spanking was punishment or playfully done. Playful I get hard as a rock

  14. The male genital organ is a very unpredictable thing!! When it gets erect and when it does not is sometime impossible to predict. But in general I do get hard at the first mention of an impending spanking unless I know that I'm really going to get a very severe licking. But less than thirty seconds after the spanking starts My hard cock turns into a little wee wee!! My wife believes that spankings are supposed to hurt and that is all there is to it. ....JayJay

  15. Cheryl,my loving husband for reason unknown I caught masturbating. He looked really little standing there holding it and looking at me. I'm in charge in this family, mutual agreement and so once I had him undress I took him to the front room, he stood holding his erect penis, I sat, acted like I was reading an article. Finally I went to the kitchen, got a bowl and told him finish the job, he said nothing and soon was cumming into the bowl. He thought he had been spanked hard, well his cute spanking dance afterwards was the best, He stood facing the wall, the bowl beside him. Finally I called him to me and he promised never to do it again, I smiled and said since that spanking really hurt, he will be doing it each time your do a spanking, your erections will be addressed. He said Yes, and I said Yes what, and he replied Yes Mommy.

  16. Hi Everyone: just wondering, and thanks for the comments everyone, but it seems like one person MAY be composing many different personas. So I will make my replies short...
    For all these possible people, please make a blogger name, which will stop being able to comment fictitiously.
    Shawn: you are one well spanked man.

    Jacob: you and Shawn should get to know each other,as you both have mother-in-laws who deal with misbehavior

    matt: older women have less patience for naughty behavior. Glad you know you need a spanking now and then.

    joseph: interesting, thanks for sharing

    archedone: identical to my experiences

    pizza paddle: a situation worth discussing at a later date

    marco and yorkie: oh, to be a young man once again..

    joseph: thanks
    anon: wilting happens to many of us
    roland, richard: thanks
    ron; very true, but our playful are just as significant as serious ones.. just the tone is different

    jayjay: very true, spanking sare meant to be significant and hurt.

    Cheryl: thanks for sharing

    bottoms up

  17. Thanks for great pictures; particularly #2 & 4..it's exactly how I look before my wife spanks me otk, or over a pillow on the bed with hand, paddle & sometimes a bath brush. She has always been amazed at how hard & throbbing I become just waiting to be spanked & it does excite her. I have cum on her lap a few times. The next morning I am always spanked again and just as hard if not more so. It always leads to very erotic encounters, although I have had a few disciple spankings. Great pics! I have gotten erections just thinking about being spanked since I was 13.

    1. anon: glad you enjoyed the post
      bottoms up


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