A tribute to a Wolfe

Remember to read the ingredients of the candy you give out, and maybe next year purchase healthier treats for the trick or treaters.

Many people know about this blog, but I only recently discovered it.(earlier today). My inspiration for looking is that I had a few of his wonderful captioned spanking art, so started thinking how I could find more. Okay, so I am a little slow mentally, not having googled Dave Wolfe spanking art.
Wouldn't every man rather watch a woman being spanked than a commercial?
 Always delightful to see a woman's bare bottom being spanked, and I regularly suggest to our lady spankees to post a photo or two on their blog. Spankers and spankees come in all ages and all sizes, and very few if any of us are models in the fashion industry. Showing our spanked bottoms let's readers realize that we are normal everyday people.
Dave has fun ideas, and then draws the situation he has imagined.
A very suitable art for Halloween, but Dave has done many more
 So fall in line and visit his site, and leave a message thanking him for his fabulous art.
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ronnie said...

I love Wolfe's work. Happy Halloween.


Dave Wolfe said...

Why, thank you, Red! Very kind of you, indeed!

For ten years I did a weekly cartoon for the for-pay story site "Discipline & Desire," and other 'toons, too, but "D&D" is gone now, and, as it happened, my aged and ailing mother needed a lot more of our time and attention on the home front. So there has been a dearth of recent WolfieToons and of Wolfie around the Web, too!

But I've slowly been working up some new things, and, as you indicated, there are hundreds-- really, hundreds!-- of older cartoons still about. In fact, I just discovered some old ones from my first days on the Internet that I'll post over at the WolfieBlog soon!

Again, thank you very much for the feature, and I'm delighted you've discovered and are enjoying my stuff!

Red said...

ronnie: I love his work also. happy halloween.

Dave: thank you for producing such fun spanking art work. Sorry to hear about your mother, a stage of life many of us are now experiencing or recently experienced. I will look forward to seeing both the older and the new spanking art work.

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Njspank said...

Some of the best. Always have side characters like cats which is funny. And he like me loves panty and clothed spankings. Love his work

Red said...

ron: glad to supply you with a link in case you needed it
bottoms up

Red said...

Hi Dave: I cannot find a email to contact you, but just a heads up that you may have to use comment screening, as there was one person spamming my blog with spanking fantasies, and I see that this same person is spamming yours. Dec 29th.. the writing is so similar..
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