the thrill of the nylon (adventurous Tuesdays)

Numerous readers over the past years have described their love of dominant women who are wearing nylon stockings or pantyhose.

Thus, I thought I would give people an opportunity to weigh in on the topic.

 A woman wearing nylons and high heels is super erotic, so I can see the attraction to add this feature to you being spanked.
Add to this the obvious that you are bare bottomed or naked, and she is still fully clothed in many instances.
Your maleness will either be trapped between her nylon clad knees, or rubbing on top of her nylon knees.

Another dimension I never thought of, until I found this next photo on a  tumblr,: 
a grown woman (Miss Gregory in this instance) having her pantyhose taken down with her panties, and they trapping her legs making it harder to kick as needed, being spanked.
All dressed up to go out, skirt, blouse, pantyhose, high heel shoes,makeup, and the being spanked. Wonder if Ronnie, Hermione, or Jan or Bonnie have ever had this happen.
The lap awaits you

The idea is hot, erotic, and fosters your submissiveness.
Imagine that your wife is ready for an evening out, and you still have to change to get ready. She decides that you might as well be naked for your spanking. while she is wearing a very sexy little black dress. WOW!!!

The delicious view before the  spanking
or the dreaded view from behind as you meekly climb the stairs behind your loved one, for a date with that wicked tawse.

Have you ever been spanked, possibly over the knee, with your partner wearing nylons?

Do you think you are going to suggest this to her?

bottoms up


  1. She many times. Love the feel of the nylon but skin to skin is lovely too. Nice post thanks

  2. I also love being laid over a lap in a slip! Slips are a lost erotic article of clothing. Love slips

  3. Yes, I have vivid memories of being over a lady's lap and feeling the nylons under my groin area as she spanked away.

  4. Ya know, not many women wear pantyhose anymore. My wife used to, but wears pants 99.9% of the time. Also, in my commute in Chicago, a lot of women wear skirts or dresses, but very few wear pantyhose.

  5. "Numerous readers over the past years have described their love of dominate women who are wearing nylon stockings or pantyhose." You mean 'dominANT' women. The word 'dominate' is a verb, not an adjective.

  6. Ron: agreed that both are different and nice, and yes a slip would add a different thrill, as does her being dressed in jeans and you are bare bottomed over her knee.

    anon; fond memories i am sure, now that the owwws have disappeared from the mind.

    Baxter: could be very true, but department stores have many racks of them.

    anon: thanks for the correction. I do not proof-read by postings, as they take up a lot of time, so i will simply chalk this up to my typing skills, or lack thereof.... I will also correct the error, so both you rand my comments will be confusing to all.

    bottoms up

  7. Hello Ron,

    yes, Lindsay wears stockings. She knows that I am very attracted to her as she wears them. I have several times reached orgasm as my erection went back and forth between her calves. Lindsay spanked me one time as I was laying over her lap. Me erection was firmly tucked away between her thighs and she pounded on my ass as I raced, or tried to race, to my orgasm. It was a great experience.


    1. marco: Cindy also places my erection between her thighs, which is delightful,but due to age, the spanking is quicker in being effective than when I was young, so erection simply fades. (but revives beautifully later)
      bottoms up


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