Life is an adventure, so make certain you go out and have a fun time.
There will come a time when we are too old to be able to travel,
so best to travel while you still can...
So I leave you for now with these few thoughts to think about.

Who knows what you might do wrong, and need to be spanked
The blog will not be monitored, but I might drop by occasionally to post comments.
I have left many posts, so regular visitors will have items to hopefully comment about. We will have lots of fun:
as well as:
and we will be taking a wooden hair brush!The problem is only carry on luggage, so hard to bring any other toys! Maybe we can borrow a crop from one of these ladies.
Probably no spankings before going to the beach, but who knows. The spanking might be a tad noticeable
But plenty of hotel time
and a slow tempo long duration spanking can be enormously effective
bottoms up


Anonymous said...

Shawn, underpants almost falling off, squirming, that picture is of me. A spanking on vacation and she waited until I was about to take a shower, the hairbrush landed hard and fast and I cried, pleaded, beg. My wife could care less if I'm heard. Next morning at breakfast squirming the waitress smiled, so your the one, told someone was getting a spanking, I said nothing, my wife smiled, said sorry about that. Waitress smiled don't worry, we have had other who have been spanked, but much younger.

Anonymous said...

Jacob, the picture of over her lap, underpants around my ankles, well for me the underpants would be long gone, the whole world would have heard me. Been spanked just that way at my mother-in-laws, on vacations at hotels. You cannot hide the fact you were spanked, and women especially know it. Common comment is "been a naughty little boy" or "are you too hold to be spanked". My wife smiles and sometimes responds "There just little boys in an adult bodies."

Anonymous said...

Michael, my wife stated from the beginning you cannot have your cake and eat it to. Spankings happen when I'm naughty and does not matter where. She has the hairbrush always with her. I'm always spanked otk, she bares my bottom, I will face the wall afterwards. If asked if I've been spanked since I was heard I must say yes. A couple of women have said that they will address their husbands problem in the same matter. One thing for sure my wife could care less other hear, or see the spanking, I would not be in that position if the spanking was not earned.

ronnie said...

Enjoy and have fun.


Anonymous said...

I visit the site daily and when I have something to say I usually do. Hope you two have a great time. There is nothing like seeing new sites and finding new places to be spanked in. I'm sure Cindy will take good care of your bottom.

Anonymous said...

Jacob, picture of being spanked and legs kicking. Getting caught masturbating and looking at spanking magazines. She was holding back, I could not take it, thought she was out shopping. I just had my boxer shorts on and when she caught me well, not even done, pulled from the toilet, quickly over her lap and pleading fell on deaf years. I did cum while being spanked, afterwards I stood not facing the wall but facing her, holding my limp penis, crying and wanting to rub so bad. I had to "preform" for her a couple of days later, sitting on the toilet, naked. When I finished she made sure I would never do it again and the hairbrush had a talk with me.

Red said...

Shawn: delightfully embarrassing to have the waitress acknowledge that you were spanked, and your wife affirmed her assumption.

Jacob: as above, delightfully embarrassing for anyone to comment on your being spanked, and your wife affirming that you were spanked, because you had been naughty.

Michael: thanks for posting! every new person enhances the discussion. Reasonable that you should have to say you were spanked if asked by someone.

Ronnie: thanks,we had a great time.

Archedone: thanks, and yes Cindy found places to spank me.

Jacob: hairbrushes are effective.

bottoms up