mooning - college edition

The college and university scene is beginning, so I thought I would have mooning college edition....
As the saying goes
you only go around once
 so celebrate life
take the dare when it is suggested
and some invitations cannot be denied
It will give you a thrill, and some other very fortunate people.
of course, your team outfit provides opportunities
so be flirtatious
and don't get caught

Most images came from http://moon4victory.tumblr.com

that's better
so, don't be shy

bare bottom time


Njspank said...

I love the last one...so true.

Anonymous said...

Hello Red,

the team you posted is the Dutch waterpolo team. Eye candy, haha.
And the scanning one: right on the money.
I seem to concentrate on the chest. Can't really help it.

Best wishes,


smuccatelli said...

That last one is SO true... And, is number 8 an old .gif of Monica Lewinsky?.

It would seem, however, that only the boys got spanked, whereas the girls deserve it just as much... ;-)

Anonymous said...

Since you brought it up, some buddies and I did this once on a college road trip. One guy barely knew one girl at the school and 6 of us invaded her and her girlfriends off-campus apartment. We were swimming in the pool and having beer. It happneded to be Sorority Rush that weekend and these group of women kept stopping by the Sorority house across the street to hear their Rush Pleadge pitch. During the middle of one of the pitches, we mooned the Sorority girls.

I didn't think anything of it ultil I was at a party later that night and I mentioned it to a girl. She said "That was you guys? Thank you, that Pledge pitch was getting so boring! We needed a good laugh."


Red said...

Ron: agreed

Marco: hurrah for the Dutch... And as most males, you enjoy the view from in front and from behind..

smuccatelli: no, not her...very true about wpmen

Matt: fun in the right circumstances... thanks for sharing

bottoms up