Audrey Knight spanked

I have never seen this short video before, but I can see why Audrey now gives significant, but compassionate spankings with a purpose.

I am posting this to show a contrast between Dallas who to me appears to be a sadist, and Audrey's spankings with a purpose. 

My impression of young, beautiful women being spanked on some websites is that these women are totally being taken advantage of. I imagine they are paid very little, and I believe they are subjugated to far more serious heavy spankings than they ever imagined possible.

The owners of the production made quite a lot of money before things became view-able for free, and the novice spankees were not aware of the intricacies or money involved.

I live in my own little cocoon of not paying spanking sites to see their material!. I am very happy that most of the material I see in the free section of the internet has women with the maturity to decide on the level of spanking they accept. Hopefully, they also feel the monetary compensation is sufficient, as the visual images will last beyond their lifetime.


Hopefully this short video from a tumblr site comes through when I post.

Addendum: my tumblr does not let me re-post videos, and always replies

Request denied.

You do not have permission to access this page.
Find out why you may have encountered this error, or let us know if the problem persists. Include your IP address and a short description of what you were doing when you encountered the rate limit.

I have sent a request to tumblr as to why this is happening, but if anyone has any ideas, please let me know. I have I think no videos on my tumblr, and very few pictures in comparison to most other sites.

UPDATE: I trried again, got the message as stated, but instead of cancel I chose re-blog and it worked, but I could not leave a comment. So, part of the problem solved, except I cannot comment on the post. Any ideas about how to comment?

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Njspank said...

It works...I have seen this one wow. I k i.e. She is an over the top spanker but being she has been on the other side well makes her very sexy and a good lap. Would love just once but I am sure I would not handle much from her.

Michael M said...

Dallas sure spanks hard and she can take it as well as giving it.

juliesp said...

I appreciate the spanker's technique. All the strokes land where he intends them to. No wrap around. Nothing too high. Nothing too low. It's the sort of spanking I aspire to give! Poor girl! I hope she was NOT taken advantage of.

Red said...

Ron; very true,but the video I previously posted, and another I will post soon, shows a caring person who spanks slowly and effectively. Done slowly, a much stronger spanking can be endured, for a much more meaningful experience.

Michael: i wold pay good money to seem him spanked like this and harder.

Juliesp: I believe she was,financially. It is nice to know you aspire to this level of technique.
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kdpierre said...

I don't believe anyone walking into Dallas' den has any naive delusions of what he will do. I've never met the man, but from what I've seen, he just strikes me as something of an arrogant jerk. (I could be very wrong, it's just the 'vibe' he gives off). So, I can't really sympathize with anyone feeling like they got something worse than they bargained for in bending over for him.

And he seems very popular with some of the best names in the industry......so who knows? Maybe he's really a kinky sweetheart who just has a different on-screen persona once the camera begins to roll?

Red said...

kdpierre: What I wrote were my impressions only. However, the amount of knowledge now, as opposed to fifteen or twenty years ago, is quite a different situation. Spankings he gave fifteen years ago are still available on his site, generating money for him, but the spankee was probably paid peanuts at the time. Hopefully times have changed, with so many sites, and so many women involved.
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