wooden hair brush time

The wooden hair brush is probably the most used spanking implement of all-time
 seeing it on a counter starts the mind to wrrying
on the spanking chair, says your fate is already sealed
Moreover, if you walk into the room where your wife has asked you to come please
and you see her seated with it on her lap as above, or her holding in her hand
and although she is wearing a short skirt and stockings, you only truly see the brush she is holding
 possibly she is only wearing pantyhose so as you do not crush her skirt, but that brush is too HANDY to be there without meaning
so, in the delicate balance of will I be spanked, or is she just  teasing

I would bet you would be well advised to simply bare your bottom and go quietly over her lap
Do you own any of these brushes????????????
This is our hair brush, and it works well
bottoms up


Anonymous said...

Shawn, my wife has a large wooden hairbrush that hangs in the closet. I plead, beg, promise to be good when she has it in her hand. I must stand hands at side while she bares my bottom, still begging, once over her lap and a couple spanks I'm squirming, crying, I dance around the room afterwards, it gets my full attention. My wife just smiles and soon I'm facing the wall, my bottom throbbing and not allowed to rub.

Anonymous said...

Jacob, the lady in the yellow dress with the hairbrush, that reminds me of my mother-in-law, the first time she spanked me. I did as told, my pants and underpants were removed, I got a long scolding, my wife watching and smiling. Over her lap I was soon crying, pleading, begging, squirming and she insured my bottom would remind me to think twice. When she stopped I faced the wall, no rubbing. My wife told me to come to her after fifteen minutes and she had the hairbrush and I was soon calling her Mommy while she spanked me, when she finished, she said I was right to call her Mommy, since Mommy spanks naughty little boys. To this day I call her Mommy when I'm getting a spanking and for several days afterwards, part of my punishment.

Anonymous said...

How about a woman's comment. Carol, my husband is a child at times, knew it when I married him. My mother wedding gift was a hairbrush with a note, not for your hair. My husband first time he saw it, my look, just stood there. He like to party with his friends, come home late and at times rude to my mother. He loved me and when told what I had in mind, he laughed. I bared his bottom, he penis stood erect and he was enjoying this. It was after several hard spanks he learned I met business and when he could not get off my lap I soon had a little boy pleading for me to stop. He was bawling when I stopped and told him no rubbing or another spanking, he rubbed, got another spanking. Today when I get the hairbrush he quickly goes to the bedroom, off with his pants and underpants thinking I will go easy, never, he acts like a naughty little boy while being spanked and complains like a naughty little boy when facing the wall. On only one occasion has he been facing the wall when my mother visited. She asked him if he has been a naughty little boy and he said yes and then looked at me, I told her the brush does wonders and saves the hand, she smiled, knew you could use it.

Anonymous said...

I am not sure which I looked like but my husband did feel the hairbrush. He decided to donate some books I had because he thought they smelled musty....two were 1st editions and valuable. Luck my friend works at Good Will and was able to save them for me but she did not save George's fanny from the hairbrush......C

Anonymous said...

Hello Red, Great posting!! The second from last could very well be us. She is really giving him a no nonsense spanking indeed. Long, fast, and hard. The perfect way to adjust naughty boy's attitude and punish him for misdeeds. My honey is sore just looking at these pictures. JayJay

Njspank said...

Awesome post and terrific pictures all of them light me up. Perfect laps too.

We have the first one which is actually a cloths brush. Ours is was made in London small but very effective. Easy to spank with. Yes the third one too, curved handle alfo makes it an easy to spank with brush.

Dan Mel said...

My wife has two wooden hair brushes. One is a small one that she keeps in her purse so if she needs to correct me she is well prepared. She loves the fact that some stores have family bathrooms where she can take me there and lock the door and spank me.

She also has a large wood hair brush that she leaves on the coffee table and uses it to spank me in the living room. The brush stay on the coffee table even if we have company. Her mother and sister knows she spanks me.

She also has a wood paddle in the bedroom that she uses there.

Anonymous said...

Hello Red,

We own the plastic ones. The oval shaped one and the square shaped one. I enjoy the square shape one best.
My wife Lindsay spanked me today. It was very nice to recieve and she rained down more than a few, I have to say. She also used the cane, which has that biting sting in it. Ouch.

We both got a good orgasm too.


Anonymous said...

Yes we do own a wooden hair brush and you can tell it's well used. I asked R once why it's called a hair brush as it's never used to brush hair. She said I was right and it's now called the spanking brush. I'm not sure which stings more the wooden spoon or the spanking brush.

Anonymous said...

I have the one in the third photo. It is absolutely divine. Hurts like hell but what a superb sensation it is. One white hot whap aftet another. I really love to get a good acning with my Cane-iac every ready shirt cane first, about 100 strokes, then about 100 swats withbthat brush and then 20-40 with my smack stick, a long plastic stick about 1/2 an inch thick and an inch wide. I tell you, after a particularly intense sessio like that my bottom is quite warm and the muscles are aching so much I walk very gingerly. Love it.

Hapoy spankings


Red said...

Shawn: as it should be... in a consensual relationship when the wife decides you need to be spanked.

Jacob: glad a picture brings back memories for you, and hopefully the spankings are correcting your behavior.

anon: hopefully it is changing behavior, and making a more loving non-conflict marriage.

C: glad you solved the problem, and made George aware to be more respectful of your things, and consult you before doing something with them.

JayJay: spankings are meant to be effective. That one certainly looks effective

Ron; we have #3 also

Dan: in the family bathroom at a store. Wow... and seeing the brush on the table daily is certainly effective.

Marco: sounds delightful... thanks for sharing

archedone: each have their own effect. The longer handle makes more intense I find, but spanks a smaller area. The brush covers more area. Enjoy both.

Yorkie: glad you enjoy long spankings
bottoms up