women about to be spanked

So many fun looking photos on the internet :
One might say that to give her a taste of what will happen, her boyfriend encourages her to watch a video of spanking
" i know what awaits me, I am wrong and I will be spanked "
This young woman is uncertain if she wants more spanks
This woman is well placed straddling a pillow awaiting the spnaks
Fresh from the shower awaiting the caress of the spanking implement
 smiling, encouraging you to start the spanking
Awaiting her fate, wishing it will be over soon
practicing raising up on the toes
maintaining position while the spanking continues
In position to receive the punishment that she desires

but then, there are those photos showing the RELUCTANCE in disrobing for their spanking
The look of must I take all my clothes off
Eyes lowered in embarrassment as the panties are lowered
 or the look of fear at the spanking implement, and trying to protect your bottom with your hands
don't worry, it won't last forever, although it seems like forever
and all that remains is corner time... where you can check to see if any neighbors  are outside and have been obviously listening.
enjoy the pleasant thoughts
bottoms up


Anonymous said...

My girlfriend was a spoiled child, well off family, knew how to get her way, pouting the best. Visiting her mother's home for the weekend, I went to the store, getting back I found her sunbathing nude, not secluded and she just smiled at me. Well she protested, but I had her secure over my lap and her bottom feeling the sting of my hand. Her mother came home saw, and told me to not move, she returned with a hairbrush and that worked wonders. She has improved, but she can pout all she wants, her bare bottom will still be spanked. Married now, spankings continue, admit she does look cute afterwards rubbing a very spanked bottom. Frank

Anonymous said...

Wonderful array of beautiful female behinds Red!! The fourth from the top could be my wife awaiting her "Licking". Of course, in my case, she would be getting a licking from my tongue, and I would be sporting a red and bruised behind from her belt. Licking the clit from behind until she has an orgasm takes less than 5 minutes if she has just given me a good whipping. Then I finish up by bring my tongue up to her little rosebud. Is there anything more beautiful than a female behind? I don't think so. JayJay

Red said...

Frank;sounds delightful, if true... If she married you after being spanked, then it must be consensual, as she knew the future would involve her being spanked.

JayJay: sounds delightful also. glad you enjoyed the post
bottoms up

Njspank said...

Beautiful pictures. For us we stay clothed and panty spanking a total must...love OTK on her panty. But nice pics

Baxter said...

nice assortment of spankable female bottoms.

Pizza Paddle said...

Awesome pics, the last was superb.
Nothing better than a well spanked woman's behind.

Red said...

Ron, Baxter Pizza paddle; glad you liked the photos
bottoms up