thoughts on our consensual spanking marriage

I certainly wish my marriage had started like this!
However, if it had, my thoughts on spanking at that time involved the man spanking the woman. In addition, I truly loved my wife, and telling her about my spanking desires might have ruined everything before we even had begun married life. Better to suppress spanking and stay married to the woman I loved, than risk losing her.

About 25 years after being married, I broached the topic of spanking, but Cindy had no interest in being spanked, and by then , with the Internet, and the capability of seeing women spanking men, i evolved into wanting Cindy to spank me. I used information from http://auntkaysdwc.com/
which is the location for information that used to be on disciplinary wives club website, until she gave up the website due to cost, and found a better deal elsewhere to post the site. (The old site is now a scam type set-up.

You can read more if you click on the label below titled "our relationship"
It was no where as easy as  this art work says, as Cindy has never been comfortable hurting me, but with my encouragement, she is willing to spank me whenever needed or requested.

One might say this tee shirt is appropriate, and that place is sometimes over her knees being spanked
We have progressed to the notches type system, where three notches makes for a spanking, and a notch is explained best by this captioned photo
Cindy is very willing to make the spanking significant and memorable
and this photo of Audrey Knight could easily be Cindy smiling after my spanking.

Bottoms up


Anonymous said...

It was shortly after we dated my gf at time said I needed to be spanked, can't recall what it was. The look on my face said it all and after that first spanking, I confided in her I desire that. Our wedding night began with me getting a spanking, a hotel on the coast, I'm never quiet when getting spanked and so I knew others her. Being upfront and honest is what makes are marriage works, even tho my bare bottom will tell another story. Shawn

Anonymous said...

The woman I married took charge from the beginning, dating I had been spanked once or twice but never like that after we married. It was a month into the marriage I found myself explaining my attitude I had when her mother visited, I could not. I did as told wanting her to calm down, stood naked, scolded like a child, and the spanking got my attention. Stood in the corner afterwards, worse she told her mother, on her next visit she gave her daughter a large hairbrush, save your hand and get his attention quickly looking at me. Jacob

Dan Mel said...

My wife took charge from the day I proposed to her. When I got down on my knee and asked her to marry me she said yes and accepted the ring. She then pulled out a ring and placed it around my balls and attached a chastity cage and locked it. She told me I will be obedient and faithful to her or I would get disciplined. Ever since then I have been in chastity and get spanked when needed. Her mother and sister and some of our friends know she spanks me when I am naughty.

Anonymous said...

Like you I was a spanko before marriage but kept it to myself. My fantasy relationship would have been for her to take charge during the dating period telling me she would train me to be the submissive man she wants and to start our marriage with a spanking. For us I believe it was 10 years into the marriage when I asked her to spank me.

Red said...

Shawn; Thanks for sharing this info. Your submissive side must have shown, which your partner enjoys, and spanking works in your household.

Jacob: as with Shawn, I am glad that it is consensual, and solves problems in your marriage. You may have written but I have forgotten: Have you been spanked by your mother-in-law?

Dan: You had to agree to have this done, and it must work for both of you as it continues to this day. I wish other friends knew I was spanked when naughty, but Cindy is too reserved for that.

archedone: you and I are very lucky that our wives agreed to spank us.

bottoms up

Anonymous said...

Red,my mother-in-law has taken upon herself to give me a spanking, worse than my wife. Jacob

Red said...

Jacob: mothers will want to teach their daughters effective man management schemes. YIKES! Daughters will learn and improvise improvements. Be careful she does not show your mother-in-law the improved methods.
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