spankoz (good spanking advice for newbies and experienced spanking enthusiasts)

Well, it appears I am becoming one of many ways of alerting spanksters about new blogs, tumblrs, and websites. It seems like a reasonable thing to do, and I am HAPPY to  HELP LEAD PEOPLE TO THEIR SITE.

So, from a new friend in Australia, I received this email

Howdy Red,

I'm Steve and I recently reopened my old blog (spankozblog.com ).
I'm a fan of your site and read it sometimes ... 
Now I just recently reopened my old blog and wanted to ask you to take a look - maybe give me a shout out or put me in your blog roll ?

I would definitively appreciate it !

Happy blogging!

Steve  ( spankozblog.com )

Why do i recommend this site? It is a site that gives advice, about many issues in spanking. 
For a newcomer to spanking,  they have an article entitled Spanking for the first time
How a smaller person can spank a larger person
Spanking for the over fifties
Asking for a spanking...
and so many other topics!

You may not agree with everything they suggest, but I think you will agree with most ideas, and it is good to see a site devoted TO HELPING PEOPLE WITH A INTEREST IN SPANKING, BUT UNCERTAIN HOW TO PROCEED, AND ALSO INFORMATION THAT HELPS AVID SPANKERS HAVE NEW IDEAS TO EXPERIMENT WITH.,

Have a look and a read. I found none of their pictures could be saved to re-post, so this posting is solely without pictures. I doubt their photos and art are originals, so i hope they will modify this feature of their site.
bottoms up


ronnie said...

Thanks Red. We need more to promote newcomers. I added Spankoz to my In with the New spot in April.


Njspank said...

You are too cool endorsing and helping in the scene. I like this blog as well.
Thanks Red classy move.

Red said...

Ronnie; advice sites are always needed,a nd this is a good one.

Ron: thank you

bottoms up