spanking thoughts for the day

A thought that is very true...
So, consider not doing something that ever causes that, and be happy that all she does is
Bare your bottom
and begin your spanking with her hand
Remember, she will decide what merits a spanking, and what implement addresses the problem
all that practice playing ping pong with you means she has developed a strong forehand and backhand 
and afterwards, she may still feel the bath brush needs to be used  on your bottom.
These two wonderful captioned art from REDRUMP are spot on...
 and what you now say has nothing to do with your fate
 Remember, when you met her, you thought what a wonderful person she was, and what a happy couple her parents were! Now you know WHY!
bottoms up


Anonymous said...

Shawn, my wife hand can really warm my bare bottom quickly and talking about stinging. I cannot help acting like a little boy who has been naughty and Mommy is giving a spanking. Learned from the first spanking, erection do not concern her, she will bare my bottom, always otk and if real naughty, I will undress, wait for her in the bedroom, afterwards face the wall, front room or kitchen and no matter who might drop in, I stay facing the wall.

Red said...

Shawn: erections have never bothered Cindy from her spanking me. She sometimes states that it is sad that this has to be wasted, but revives nicely with encouragement afterwards.
bottoms up

Njspank said...

Just great pics. I love the feeling of having my underpants lowered. Well for a minute or two. Very erotic start to a spanking.

Red said...

Ron: very true, but then the eroticism quickly disappears
bottoms up