some men desires in married life (mine for certain)

The setting leaves an impression of what’s about to happen is nothing special, just an everyday, routine event in this household   dominant woman waiting for her husband up for some martial discipline

I believe the following.
Some men need the release of being in the hands of a strong woman, who guide them through life's difficulties
Some men, myself leading that species of men, would gladly be spanked strongly, than argue...  IT does not matter whether we were right or we were wrong in the argument.
I become very stressed when arguing, and even more stressed if a spanking is stated for later, and never happens. Actually, although not while you are being actually spanked, this motto is so true.
 A kiss before she is about to spank him, expresses the tenderness, affection, and love that men so desperately crave. She is clothed, but he is already naked.
and now she waits patiently as you apologize for the reason that caused you to be spanked
but do not take too long, and never explain any ideas that you think will mitigate in your favor, as she has already decided you need to be spanked, and you will only annoy her more.

Domestic discipline is an integral part of many relationships, where everything is discussed reasonably, but the right to spank you for transgressions remains.
it is is mine... and always remember to thank her for your spanking
some of the photos and a couple of the captions come from http://route82.tumblr.com/
bottoms up


Anonymous said...

Jacob, my wife was not keen on spankings until her mother showed otherwise. Visiting her mother my attitude and behavior went too far and I was awaken by her and quickly pulled from bed, my wife already up and dressed. I was over her lap, bottom bared and was receiving what would become a part of my life. I bawled, dance around the room and was taken to the kitchen where my wife was waiting. Today my wife really warms my bottom, I dance around rubbing until told to face the wall. I need to be spanked, I've had the desire for along time. If you could pick the one who I wanted a spanking from it would be my mother-in-law, she a large woman but over her lap I feel like a naughty little boy, sometimes I don't the spanking to end, but then again she makes me face the wall longer than my wife. Also being older, see all of me means nothing, sometimes I must stand naked and wait, part of the punishment. She told her daughter, your not only his wife, your his Mommy, so put that hairbrush to use. Also she told her daughter a woman's lap has many functions and spanking is the most important.

Anonymous said...

Shawn, thought I would share the first spanking after our marriage it set the tone. It was a month after and on a Saturday, I knew when I walked into the kitchen a spanking could be coming. My wife smiled at me, then sternly told me pajamas off and hands at side. She scolded me like a child, I pleaded, reminded her that her mother was coming over, she smiled, good, she can see her naughty little son-in-law facing the wall with a very spanked bottom. She spanked me soundly, I cried, pleaded and dance around the room afterwards. My mother-in-law came after the spanking, saw me facing the wall, my wife explained to her mother. Both talk about the spanking and other subjects. It was that next week, I was mowing the yard and my mother-in-law dropped in, had a present for her daughter. When she left my wife showed me the present, a large hairbrush, smiled and said you bare bottom the this will become good friends.

Anonymous said...

Those words ring true in this house also. There have been times when I feel the stress building have told my wife how I'm feeling and she understands and smiling says we need to take care of that with a spanking. I also can't count the times she has said I'm not happy with your attitude and right away I know I'm in for a spanking.

Red said...

jacob and Shawn: thanks for sharing. Maybe you should recount your latest spanking, as this has been shared before with readers.

archedone: spankings work for me in the same manner. Sometimes i ask due to stress, sometime Cindy decides on her own that this is needed.
bottoms up

Njspank said...

We agree when we argue we fell like crap....when we disagree and spank we usually make love and feel great.
Nice post

Red said...

Ron: a very delightful way to end an argument.... sometimes a good reason to have a argument :)
bottoms up

smuccatelli said...

Nice pics. I used #6 to illustrate a couple of what I call my "illustrated short stories". She was perfect...