Happy Spankers

One type of photos I enjoy is seeing photo shoots where the woman is smiling for the camera, while she is spanking a man.
Cindy sometimes has this look, happy like the Cheshire cat that she is going to solve a problem
smiling with glee as the man approaches for his spanking, with the spanking wooden brush prominent
and continuing the smile while he is undressing and baring his bottom
another day sees the woman still delighted to give another spanking
his bottom is reddening nicely
This photo is just DELIGHTFUL!!!!
whereas this woman is happy  to pose with the bottom so convenient and ready to be spanked
and an approving smiling friend is always delightful
and many of my readers will remember this classic photo

Advice to the spanker!
whenever you spank, be certain to have fun
The spankee should certainly have less fun

bottoms up


Anonymous said...

My wife smiles sometime, only when I've been very naughty and my spanking dance afterwards will bring a bigger smile.

Anonymous said...

Jacob, my mother-in-law the first time I was spanked by her, she had a smile, looked at her daughter and with me in her grip, said be back shortly. Bare from the waist down, crying, rubbing, my mother-in-law with a bigger smile showing her daughter the proper shade of red for a spanking. Telling me to face the wall in the front room and telling her daughter how much she enjoyed and been wanting to spank me for my attitude and behavior, she said it felt good.

Anonymous said...

Shawn, when my wife has a certain smile on her face, I know I'm getting a spanking. I quickly get to the bedroom, strip, hands at side and wait. She smiles when she finally comes, part of the punishment, waiting. Once the spanking is over, she is still smiling, tells me it feels good being a Mommy to her naughty little boy. I face the wall in the front room or kitchen, naked, no rubbing, and once I get the crying under control will be allowed to get dress.

Anonymous said...

Lindsay always smiles when I get spanked. The photo 8: his erection is nicely between her nylon-clad legs.....


I am getting my spanking tomorrow....yippie.

Njspank said...

My partner always smiles even when we scene she always gives me a smile right before....very sexy

Anonymous said...

Usually when I'm told I'm going to be punished she is not smiling as she is upset about what I did. She will tell me where the spanking will take place and I'm to lay the implements out. Sometimes she will use 1-3 implements but has used them all at times. The smile comes to her face when I'm in position and she is looking the implements over picking what she wants to use. From that point on she is always smiling and if I mirror is set up so I can see the spanking I can see that she is smiling as she spanks and scolds me.

Anonymous said...

Carol, my husband always gets an erection when he is to be spanked. Most times I just spank him and it goes away. I do smile when it pops out, on some occasions I make him masturbate, he hates that and I just sit there, hairbrush in hand smiling. When he finally comes the spanking gets his attention from the first spank. We women enjoy taken charge, especially when it comes to our husbands. Nothing brings a smile faster to my face when he needs some special attention. Oh he is not smiling when he masturbates, he know full well that the spanking to come is going to really hurt and he will be crying in short time.

Red said...

anon: sounds delightful, and well deserved.

Jacob; always good to keep your mother-in-law happy,even at the cost of a very red bottom. Be hopeful that your wife does not want to show her mother a even redder bottom next time it happens with her mother present.

Shawn: I am posting, and I am glad it works for both of you, but I hope you never do this with actual children. Please leave off the Mommy naughty boy concept.

Marco: hope the day was as good as you imagined.

Ron: so true.. the smile works wonders

archedone: sounds wonderful , and exactly the way it should be in my humble opinion. no need for the wife to be angry when she is spanking...

anon: never tried the orgasm prior to spanking. Glad it works for you, in making the spanking more effective

stay happy
bottoms up

Anonymous said...

Shawn, understand and never believe in spanking children.

Red said...

Shawn: thank you

Anonymous said...

Pix # 1 and 6 give a good idea of the way J. (and N.) enjoy(ed) giving me a good 'what's for' - while #8 reminds me of the (many) times when both of them found occasion to demonstrate their spanking skills for the 'benefit' of a close friend (icluding, of course, J's sister.


Red said...

L: nice to bring back fond memories, and glad toknow J and N enjoyed spanking you
bottoms up