adventurous tuesdays milking

A topic that intrigues many people:
Does being milked before a spanking make the spanking more intense for the spankee....
If you are milked
does your partner do the milking roughly and you cannot touch?
does your partner delight in controlling you?
Does she want to catch the cum for you to drink?
Is she semi naked to help excite you
Does she milk while full yclothed and you are naked?
or does she get impatient if you are slow in climaxing while you do it yourself?
and then be delighted as you cum, because now the spanking can begin?
Will she have your cum gathered?
 so that you can lick the plate clean
this spanking will be FELT!!!!!!!!!!!
Have you ever been milked before a spanking?
Was the spanking more intense than without the milking?
bottoms up


Njspank said...

Yes. I will tell you not that it hurts more but for me it does take the sexual edge off the spanking. It happens to me sometimes when I pop a hard on before going over her knee. Again not sure it hurts more but I believe it is more intense. Also no doubt when sex follows I am much stronger and lasting.
Privately we love hand and finger orgasms they are fun. We perform hand and finger play a lot. Mutual self or to each other. Hot and messy.
Made to lick just once...wow not fun.
I do have an urge for a true prostate milking I read where they are an interesting outcome.
Great post Red. Thanks

Anonymous said...

Shawn, not every time, must have really messed up, mostly the spanking takes care of the erection and then the spanking hurts. I must masturbate before my wife, which means she places a towel on the floor, I naked, I kneel and preform before her. She scolds me and when I come, I must clean myself off and then it is over her lap and yes the spanking hurts from the first spank. She states she will not do it, the spanking is not for sexual fun, it is to address a problem.

Anonymous said...

Jacob, my wife does it, not gentle at all. Visiting my mother-in-law for the week my wife surprised me when stepping out of the shower, I looked at her and she stroked it hard and fast. She then grabbed my arm and before I knew it was over her lap in the bedroom, my mother-in-law was soon at the door smiling, my wife stood me up, here Mother she said, your home, and this was the first of the few spankings my mother-in-law administer and her spankings are worse than my wife. While spanking me she said to her daughter if she did take care of the problem, Yes Mother.

Anonymous said...

I once dated an older woman, a few months into our relationship she learned I wanted to be spanked. A couple of days later lying in bed she played with my erection and I enjoyed it, when I came she took me to the bathroom and cleaned me up. She then sat on the toilet and put me across her lap, needless to say the spanking was wanted I wanted, but it sure hurt. Rubbing and dancing around afterwards she told me that taken care of the erection just enhances the spanking. Since that first time I have masturbated in front of her, stood naked while she milked me, the spankings really hurt, but afterwards in bed and enjoying her breast and she rubbing my spanked bottom I'm soon ready to please her. I enjoy when she has me naked before her and with her soft hands slowly milks me, her hand is very hard when the spanking happens and she just states with a smile, a gift a woman has. Robert

Dan Mel said...

I can tell you from experience that after my wife milked me I had no desire to be spanked but I got it anyway and it seemed worse. I don't get milked before a spanking so much now because I am in chastity.

Anonymous said...

My wife is about 50/50 on making sure I've came before starting to spank me. I will say it seems to hurt much worse after I'm came. Only things I can come up with is all the endorphins are gone when the spanking begins. It's just pure punishment from the first strike. - Bryan in Houston

Anonymous said...

My wife milks me fairly often but only a few times prior to spanking. I agree with the others it takes the desire to be spanked away but I still get it anyway. When milked I'm always fed my cum. R says if I can cum in her mouth I can also swallow my cum. Usually she will catch it in her hand and I lick it up then the spanking will begin. Not really sure if it hurts more or not after milking.

Anonymous said...

Hello Sid,

the term 'milking' isn't correct in this topic. 'Milking' is stimulating the prostate with the finger or a plug and than the semen just run out, no orgasmic feeling. But I see what you mean in this topic and my Lindsay is a pre-cum spanker.

Mmmm...now that I think about it, I will suggest it to Lindsay to milk my prostate and see what 'cums'.


Anonymous said...

Love, Honor, Obey, my bride a week after our marriage and a couple of late nights for myself, had enough, understood, but enough. Her mother had told her it was the wife that held the marriage together. Sunday morning, late night, I stood before her, pajamas bottoms around my ankles and she was stroking my erection. You agreed she said, I said yes and soon I came. Over her lap and when it was over I was a mess, rubbing, crying, dancing. Get use to it she said, oh she said with a smile, the reason it hurt so much, I addressed your manhood. William

Red said...

Ron: shared a lot, thanks. It is good for everyone to discuss stretching boundaries

Shawn: spankings do address problems.

Jacob: a hot time when you misbehave...

Robert: thanks for sharing your lifestyle

Dan: consensual activities can be demanding.

Bryan: That does seem to be the general opinion. I concur, because although I fantasize about being spanked after sex, I am very happy but worn out (so to speak), so being spanked would be a difficult spanking to endure.

archedone: thanks for sharing. That is another topic of eating your own cum, which R has you do.

Marco; have fun, but never be too technical about terminology. The concept name comes from being milked like a cow. See some of my former posts where a man in on all fours being milked.

William: interesting... You have married a very firm wife, which many men need.

thanks to everyone for sharing
bottoms up

Pizza Paddle said...

Only when a punishment spanking is due is a milking needed.
I have to strip fully naked and stand in the corner while she gets ready, then I have to follow her to the bathroom, (more like get lead there by my erection). I am then told to masturbate while she watches and tells me how naughty I am and what will happen to me after I cum. After that I am taken to the bedroom where I am told to lay on the bed while she spanks me. I really hate this style of punishment.

Red said...

Pizza: sounds very effective, and really gets you to pay attention and not repeat the problem. Not all spankings are fun, but all are needed, if your wife decides to spank you
bottoms up

Anonymous said...

William, I have, not really knowing how firm, but glad I did. My relatives have notice a change but will never know why. My mother-in-law knows and a late wedding gift was a large wooden hairbrush.

Anonymous said...

Joan, I caught my boyfriend masturbating shortly after we started dating. Thankful my Mother and I have a great relationship, upon hearing this, she asked if this had a chance of going somewhere, I told her I loved him and yes.
The next time did happen as my Mother said and he loved me very much he said and would do anything. This led to his first adult spanking, led to me being in charge. I found he did not enjoy it as much as he thought, told me later. Well been married three years, same arrangement, relationship, typical male, but the spankings have not stopped only now he masturbates before me prior to his spanking, I know the spanking will get my point across and he knows he will be dancing around the room shortly.

Anonymous said...

that gets me hard.

Red said...

William: may it be a loving and long lasting marriage, with as many spankings as needed. MIL knowing and approving of is very helpful
bottoms up

Red said...

Joan: sounds delightful, but... May I suggest that you increase the sex in your marriage, as men want and need to make love often. Furthermore, he should orally please you every time that you do not orgasm from intercourse, so that you are certain to climax. This will increase both of your enjoyment, I think
bottoms up