adeventurous tuesdays oral women

I do not consider oral as being adventurous, just something that most couples share a love for. So here are some fun sayings that can be involved with your wife or girlfriend orally pleasing you...
This is a given:
and thus, men will always say
rapture for both
and a wonderful thought for when you least expect it...
like on a country walk

just like pictures can give you ideas about spanking, oral pictures (kissing while looking at your partner)

a tongue does wonders
tongue and hand delight

or a finger
or two
do not forget the family jewels in your licking, sucking, and caressing..
or a gif
or two for fun thoughts...
for the submissive man, it is DELIGHTFUL 
Remember: Many women suck their partner's cock
because it makes them and their partner happy.
to them:
 The thought states it all 

but remember: no man EVER said...

So be certain to enjoy life
bottoms up


Njspank said...

Ok wow extremely sexy and hot posting. Oral in my life is always fun either way but when time arrives that I have earned a blow job ... It is heaven!
Great sexy post

Anonymous said...

Lindsay tells me how she feels the build up of my penis, just before I reach climax. She anticipates on it, keeping me on the edge for a while. But she always delivers.


Baxter said...

why did that one picture show the woman with glasses on? the cock was a couple inches from her eyes and she still couldn't see how big it was?

smuccatelli said...

Turnabout IS fair play. Maybe you could do a post on soixante-neuf. I think all of us oral enthusiasts would enjoy that. Especially the visuals... ;-)

Red said...

Ron: It certainly is fun either way, but best both ways

Marco: sounds delightful

Baxter: glasses like that are sexy, and if quite poor vision, much nicer she can see you and see your reactions to her efforts on your face also.

smuccatelli: might be a plan
bottoms up