Wheel barrow spanking

We have never tried this position, so I would love some feedback if any reader has ever tried it, whether as spanker or spankee!
this quote is so approriate!
This certainly exposes the inner cheeks to real punishment
This woman looks satisfied that she has made her point, and that you have understood it..
strong arms are needed by both, but specially the man
of course, she will not be able to maintain this pose for long, as the spanking heats up
oh, did I mention the view is SPECTACULAR!


bottoms up


Anonymous said...

My wife uses this on "special occasions", meaning I've been very naughty. She states it get my attention quickly, which it does, also she said my spanking dance afterwards are really good. Shawn

kdpierre said...

I've been spanked this way when my back was not as much of of mess as it is now. It's not a great position for small-butted people though because it makes it harder to hit the lower butt-curve and too easy to hit higher up which is very distracting.

It is a good position if there are going to be other activities going on that benefit from an open and available divide.

Njspank said...

I have spanked once like this....she was as turned on as I was and actually the spanking ended quickly for the sake of wonderful sex!
It was fun, so fun.


Anonymous said...

Good pics Red. I've been in the position of pic 3&4. I'm really exposed that way and the cheeks are tight so she does not have to swing hard. She has also sat on my back while I was over our spanking bench that also is a bottom burner.

an English Rose said...

HI Red, not a chance!
love Jan, xx

ronnie said...

Yes I have been spanked in that position and found it too uncomfortable.


Anonymous said...

mmmm.....it looks like a fun position, but it has a lot of strain on the back. I would probably stretch my arms to stand on my hands, as Lindsay pounds away on my bumm. My erection between her nylon-clad legs, humping to gain as much as this lovely friction as possible. Lindsay could counter this by opening her legs a bit, reducing the friction as I am reaching climax. As I am struggling to get my orgasm, Lindsay could speed up the spanking.
Yes, it looks like something we could try.
Thanks for the pics, Red.


otkloverjohn said...

I have been in this position as both spanker and spankee. My wife LOVES this position because of the easy access to those tender sit spots. I liked the position as spanker because it gave me control, access for not only spanking, but also for playing.

Anonymous said...

We've tried it a couple of times, with me being the one spanked, of course. It's a little hard on my back, so we don't use it often. I've been spanked in the diaper position, which she enjoys because I'm in such a vulnerable position. Thanks for the pics!

Red said...

Shawn: I am certain it does present a wonderful target, and your wife takes advantage to make certain you understand the reason for the spanking.

kdpierre: thanks for sharing... yes, care is needed with the implement not to have wood spanking the TAIL BONE!

Ron; happy to know you both enjoyed it.

archedone: i can imagine it was very effective

Jan: I tend to agree with you..

Ronnie: I can well imagine it killing my shoulders and arms

Marco: let us know if you try it.. but try it carefully.. it could be dangerous for the back

otkloverjohn: the play factor is immense, and the tender spots are OH SO AVAILABLE

mark: glad you liked them..it is fun to experiment, but always SAFELY!!!

bottoms up

Anonymous said...

My wife uses this position often...it really excites, not to mention me. Great pics!

Red said...

anon; glad you liked them
bottoms up