video of Clare being spanked

This is absolutely delightful. Clare is such a beautiful woman, who gives great spankings, but it is always enjoyable to see the spanker being spanked occasionally.


if you enjoyed the video, you can see the entire video at


bottoms up


sixofthebest said...

"My dear Miss Jones, here in this office, for being late to work, typing mistakes, spending to much personal time on the telephone, etc, we will raise your dress up high, pull down your knickers, and spank that bare bottom of yours, blushing pink".

Michael M said...

Well found. Nice video.

Baxter said...

Clare has such a great bottom and oh did she get a good spanking.

Njspank said...

Love both the ladies there Soccor Moms video is a classic OTK and switch spanking. Love them both.

Red said...

sixofthebest: delightful thoughts generated by this art work.

Micheal: you are welcome

Baxter: A delightful spanking, with a TRULY RED BOTTOM, without bruising or blood. The way I believe spankings should be, but I understand others have different preferences.

Ron: have you seen the entire video.. it must be delightful . Post a link if you have one.

bottoms up

smuccatelli said...

Absolutely wonderful! Two of my favorite female spankers and Clare has such a wonderful pale porcelain bottom that contrasts so beautifully with the rosy, red, spanked spots. Both are fully capable of doing the same to a naughty male bottom too...